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Museveni’s loyalist judges have caused us so much pain!

Apart from splurting out expletives, and pandering to the lowest rungs of human corruption and greed, can you please address the serious issues raised in this debate? Please don’t write just for the sake of it. I never entertain idiots and have terrible aversion to nonsense passing as debate.

1. My assertion is that the Ugandan judiciary today is so corrupt and emasculated that it can no longer be regarded as a mechanism for dispensing justice. It dispenses a gangster’s justice as can be evidenced in the numerous judgements it has delivered over the judiciary, which display almost abject surrender of judicial independenc, courage, impartiality and intellect

2. The Ugandan judiciary, especially its three top ranks are packed with cadre judges. 4 judges of the Supreme Court, including Katreebe, Nshimye, and Kavuuma, are card carrying members of the NRA, with Katreebe at No,28 and Kavuuma at No.34.

3. 4 Judges of the Supreme Court have worked as paid advisors in the NRA Secretariat

4. At least 3 of the Supreme Court judges have served terms as NRA MPs. Katreebe served as Cabinet Minister as well as Attorney General for more than 7 years.
5. Of the 55 judges of the superior courts, the Court of Appeal, the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, my last count shows that 33 of them are card carrying members of the NRA, many having stood and lost as aspiring MPs and were compensated or cajoled with judicial positions to lock them down in incestous loyalty.

6.Your hero kayibanda Museveni has side-lined the Judicial Services Commission, which used to be the appointing body for all judicial positions, as is the case in all other commonwealth or common law countries. Kayibanda changed the constitution in 1995 to arrogate powers of appointment of judges to himself alone, with the Judicial Service Commission having only advisory powers. Kayibanda has ignored all the recommendations of even this tame and largely rubber-stamp body and appoints judges as a reward or bribe, to win them or their tribal consituencies, or to silence them.
9. Most of the current judges of the higher courts, and especially Katreebe, Kavuma and Nshimye would be disqualified from holding any judicial position on the basis of bias or potential bias. In the UK, it is totally inconcievable for a former MP or former Minister to appointed to a judicial position. This would be a scandal almost of siesmic proportions- any government that did that would be removed from office.

10. Judges are supposed to be men and women of the highest intergrity, totally free from bias, or appearance of bias, even if it is only historic appearance, or appearance by association. A person or persons responsible for policies of a political organisation, to the extent of working in its secertariat and serving it as an MP, and in the case of Katreebe, even sitting as a member of Executive Committee of that organisation for many years, should never be appointed a judge under any circumstance.

11. Katreebe’s law firm in Kampala represented Kayibanda Museveni in the election petition brought by Amama Mambadzi. Here then, we had the bizarre situation where Kayibanda employs his own Chief Justice to represent him in a case presided over by the same Chief Justice. It does not matter that Katreebe employed other lawyers to appear in court, what is important is that he owned or was associated with that law chambers. Katreebe law firm was being paid by Kayibanda and the Uganda government on the one hand as a private lawyer, and also paid by the Uganda government in his role as a judicial officer.


MAMDANI-NYAZI SAGA:A former staff member weighs in

By Christine Lubwa Oryema Lalobo

Its people like Barya who caused this problem by not adhering to procedures and system. You cannot tell and encourage a Supervisor to variate a staff JD using the clause ‘Any other duty assigned by the supervisor as that clause is for emerging, unpredictable and temporary tasks. What The Baryas did was to create a new hybrid cadre at MISR. Once they did that it was incumbent upon them to proceed and complete the paperwork and issue to staff new Terms and Conditions of service and most likely new Titles too. At Makerere University there are Academic staff that comprise those who lecture and conduct research and publish, those who conduct research only and publish, those who work in the Library. All these categories have basic qualifications for entry into the University service, Job rankings and career path clearly defined. There is still no hybrid Researchers/Lecturers and it needed to be created and all staff affected officially given time to consider accepting the change of a phase out plan worked out.
Prof Mamdani should have known better. In his quest to be the Big Man he forgot the systems and procedures. Grievance Handling, conflict resolution and disciplinary measures are all clearly outlined in the University Staff Manual and if my memory serves me right evicting staff from office is not one of them. In fact the final act at separation includes handing over University equipment and keys and involves the Estate Department before the Exit Form is signed off. Makerere University continues to have Researchers at The Economic Policy Research Centre, The Child Health and Development Centre, Buyana Stock Farm, The Biological Field Station Kibale and many other such ‘Departments’.

On the other hand Stella too went overboard. Granted she might have ran temporarily mad but who wants a lunatic as their staff? God forbid because Professor Mamdani was forcing her to teach and there is strong possibility that she could have broken down in front of the eminent Mamdani Ph.D students. They would have been permanently damaged and suffered Trauma for the rest of their lives.

This should be a good lesson however currently most people are so taken up by the money talk it’s sickening!

Our mothers who pay 19% tax VAT on everything they purchase are making sacrifices too. They in effect fund most of us! Hyuha actually gets it…many others don’t!

Stella overreacted but the Institutional framework was abandoned and people are working using their feelings rather than procedures. That is a very dangerous trend.

For those who say if MM leaves the Ph.D program will collapse I say if the PhD program depends on only one person then the earlier it collapses the better!

Stella has a contract that she signed designating her as a Researcher a bona fide position at The University. After her employment and working in the position she was appointed a Ph.D International hybrid program was launched at MISR. MISR was founded in 1948 as an East African Social Science Research (not teaching) Institute. Teaching always happened at the Faculty now School of Humanities and Social Science. There are Ph.D students enrolled there too…so this is a parallel program. It appears MM asked and was allowed to ‘make’ all researchers at the Institute who had Ph.Ds to begin lecturing without amending their contracts or JDs or Job Titles. Stella says she cannot lecture because her contract is for a researcher not a lecturer. MM says if Stella cannot lecture she must leave the office and work from the Library…the rest you know.

Basically the entire issue has been mismanaged with MM ignoring Institutional Procedures and systems and offices and taking charge even where he does not have the power to and Stella over reacting and we end up with uncalled for friction!

Stella comes from a rich family.So, she will be OK!

Maybe it is because I know something about Mamdani that makes me sympathise with Dr Stella.

As a UPC vocal member, Mamdani was always ‘on the ‘take’. I am told that that is why he fell out with Obote.

Mamdani worked with M7 in UPC, and I am sure used this connection to infiltrate Makerere and create a personal business out of the MISR in his retirement.

Renting MISR space to his wife to create a studio is a sympton of what the man is about.

Why someone who refused to work on a Harry Potter film ends up renting studios at Makerere is a mystery.

I would not be surprised if Mamdani starts a PhD in film production at MISR.

Stella Nyanzi is not mad. She is incredibly brave. In a country where the majority have been cowed and bullied for ages, people like Stella are very few.
For someone under 40 years she is amazing.

Now knowing who her relatives are,she comes from a fairly wealthy and educated family, and she has options.

That she has opted to take on the bullying demigod at MISR, is to be encouraged. She has nothing to lose at this point.


Sorry I misjudged you,Stella…..Keep going!

Allow me to contradict myself but I am beginning to see much sense in this woman’s recent behavior. And I should be excused for thinking that she has won both the war and the battle head high!

Forget all the moral hypocrisy most of us have exhibited here and elsewhere. We all have a sex and obscene animal in us which we exhibit from time to time, mostly behind the closed doors of our bedrooms and/or bathrooms.

Dr Stella has gone one better over us by exploiting this animal and unleashing it vs her tormentors. With it she has struck two birds with one stone. She has not only turned a would-be internal matter into a national and probably an international one but has also let loose her hitherto deep-seated agony of sexual, social and probably physical abuse.

Let the moralists cry foul as loud as they wish but the woman has caught everybody’s attention and has not only exposed the oppressor, who’s now on the defensive, but has just opened a new chapter of peaceful defiance and resistance. We have not seen the last nudity protest and only God knows which oppressor will be tamed next.

Has this woman broken any law? Her lawyer thinks otherwise and it’s noteworthy that up to now Kaihura has desisted the temptation to pounced on her. The University Disciplinary Authority will have to comb the University disciplinary rules to make a water tight case against this woman. I hear they are riding against the storm!

There’s just one thing that worries me, Edward. It’s this thing of death striking in the family in the August of each of the past two years. Is it a coincidence? Do you see a trend? Who’s next in the queue?

By the way, does anyone know if Aunt Susan and Uncle Andrew have been kind enough to answer the woman’s questions?


I celebrate my use of nudity, obscenity and profanity to protest against six years of the brutal rape and sodomization of my employment contract. My family members that matter all accept the necessity of my protest. Against intense pressures from many distant relations suddenly interested in my wellbeing, my close family clearly distinguish the protest as a work-related struggle that must be solved between myself and the public institution that employs me. That is the position of my family members that matter.

Now, wiseacre relatives who are clueless and distant to me are going into the limelight of the cameras to ‘apologise to the public on behalf of the family’. Blithering ignorant bumbling fools! I am neither apologetic nor regretful about my nude profane and obscene protest. Do not puncture my sails. You speak for neither me nor my sisters! You only want to enjoy the camera lights.

My father died in August 2014. My mother died in August 2015. None of these family members ever came to check on me, my siblings and my children. But now they had the audacity to apologise to the public for my nudity, obsenity and profanity. Fucking impostors.

Auntie Susan Bidandi Ssali, what were you doing in Bukedde apologising to the public for my nudity? Who sent you? Were you doing damage control or what? Why? Was it because you love us so much that you were helping to cleanse us from your perceived sense of the shame and disgrace facing us? Why didn’t you come and ask me if that is what I wanted? Did you ever apologise to the foreign public for the time you were found abroad when insane and stark naked because of schizophrenia? Why did you feel the need to undo what I am doing? Auntie Susan Bidandi Ssali, nvako. Tomanyira. Nja kukwanika mu lwattu bwewakumpanya Mummy essente ze ezettaka okutuusa lw’eyagenda emagombe. Nzungira ko mpola.

Uncle Andrew Lwenswa, what do you know about me, my life or my wishes? What were you doing on Bukedde apologising to the public about my nudity? Did you ever apologize to anyone for trying to forcefully have incestuous sex with one of my father’s daughters? Do you remember that night when we found your naked buttocks sneaking into her bed? Will you apologize for this attempted incest as well? And you desecrated my parents’ memory by lying about my upbringing in your apology. Wabadde weegula biki? Ssebo nvako, nvirako ddala. Kitange teyakundekera nga awandika ekilamo kye. Nzijjako obutaala n’akamanyiro. Tonjogerera nze!

As for Jaja Maria, I am at a loss for words. You are responsible for years of immense pain and suffering among my sisters due to your scorn at my mother for bearing your son no sons. Lwaki watukyawa ffe bawala ba Nyanzi abakulu? Obukyayi bwebwakututte ku Bukedde nga welokompojja? Jajja Maria nvako! Weefula afaayo enyo. Nze ndi Nnalongo owennenne. Buli lwempemula nga abalongo bakula. Abalya mmere wabula muwalampa. Nzijjako gasiya!


The two Professors should have been suspended too!

Dear all,

There is no justice and name to protect when some people are oppressed. From the look of things, all the three are on wrongs. I mean the VC Prof. Dumba, Dr. Nyanzi and Prof. Mamdan. Prof. Mamdan did not have authority to lock Dr. Nyanzi ‘ s office. Other university authorities should have done it or he should have used legal means to get her out. On the other hand Prof. Dumba should be investigated for incompetency because it appears he did not act when he was requested by Prof. Mamdan. Like wise Prof. Mamdan seems the have failed to follow the procedures, he should have reported the case to the principal of the college. In other words he seemed to have been a god of some kind and never respected those he ought to have reported to.

Finally, it appears to me that Prof. Mamdan failed to incorporate the views of Dr. Nyanzi at the time he was developing the PhD program. And in protest Dr. Nyanzi refused to be part of his program. We should also note that Prof. Mamdan program may have been influenced by American system. While Dr. Nyanzi may have acted based on British system. In Britain, you are taught to understand methodology and then do own research. Such basics are only taught at bachelor and master level. In America, I mean USA, they believe in training a student to understand the theory behind things.

Also, I may not have examples but it seems to me that most senior academic staff do not actually teach. It seems a norm to do consultancies while there. Dr Nyanzi may have been unfortunate working under a strict boss.

Now, all the three needs to be investigated. By Mamdan and Dumba being in office they will influence the process.All the three should go home and investigations go on.

As I pen off, we all appreciate that hero’s come and go. Prof. Mamdan is by no means a powerful academic figure but that does not mean that he should use that influence to silence other people’s theories.

Clet Wandui Masiga via the UAH forum

Mamdani’s threats to leave Makerere are pure air!

Prof Mamdani supporters should declare their bias socialist lanky. Listen and listen very carefully: I do not speak out of ignorance about MISR. I know some of the professors who wrote a letter in support of MISR not Prof Mamdani, which Monitor presented as support for Prof Mamdani. So be careful.

And let me ask, Prof Mamdani’s threatens that he will leave Makerere for where? Do no be fooled that he has a sport waiting for him at Columbia. He does not. Check it.

His threats are similar to those of football players who claim they are so good Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester city , Arsenal or Liverpool want them yet they continue to toil in Serie B or even C or the Scottish league . Which raises the question; if those big teams want them what are they doing in Serie B or C? Please answer on his behalf.

I concur with those that say that Dr Nyanzi is actually a whistle blower. But Makerere being what it is, is in a hurry. Why not let the Prof Bakibinga commission take time and do a thorough job?

So it is true that his wife rents part of MISR after all ? Was it an arms length deal or they decided at their breakfast table that dear I need that space and I will pay you this much? Now thinks about the optics: The professor of political science who teachers against dictatorship and yet sees nothing wrong with that? He is exhibit A : teaching what they do not practice.

Professor Mandani inherited MISR with several millions dollars from American foundations. That is true. so his claims that he is the saviour of MISR is total nonsense. Let the bakibinga Commission look into the accounts of MISR and how the millions of dollars were spent. I challenge you or Prof Mamdani to come here in UAH and deny this statement. come on.

Do you know how MISR came to be the home for PhD students at Makerere and not their respective departments?

I suspect they are ganging up on Dr Nyanzi because he may be researching issues of sexuality they do not agree with. I suspect from MISR to all those academics, they are actually HOMOPHOBIC so they treat Dr Nyanzi’s research on sexuality as taboo. What kind of University has Makerere become if it cannot tolerate what some may consider offensive ideas? And they have the guts to claim that they are disciplining dr Nynazi because she is ruining Makerere’s image? Hahaha. Which image?

Btw and for the benefit of UAH readers, many foreign Professors were going to Makerere/MISR to offer short courses especially in methodology which is a real concern with Makerere University. MISR was selected to be their temporary home while they teach those courses. My understanding is that many have since stopped. Why? Hostile leadership.

WBK via the UAH forum

Stella isn’t mentally Ill. You are!

Dr. Nyanzi’s act of undressing in public has provoked so much hullabaloo; many politicians have risen up to viciously say that she should be sucked with immediate effect, some of them even blaming it on poor upbringing by her parents(which i think is not a fair judgement, and may be emotional). Some have even claimed that the Doctor has a mental challenge (which i also disagree with). Fellow Academicians at Makerere have voiced the same message in a similar tone.

Interestingly, i have seen in this very country cases of people slaughtering humans; a village wakes up one morning to find a whole family lying in a pool of blood, all slaughtered by their own father…etc; I remember a case of a man who lost his wallet where he was charting with his friends. When he asked the people around,everybody was just laughing at him. This man walked home, picked his gun and returned. On arrival there, he did not even utter a word; he just opened fire and cleared everybody in the room; was this a result of poor upbringing by his parents? What makes this an act emanating from anger and the one of Dr. Nyanzi an act of madness? Who has done harm to Uganda, the one who undressed or the one who has killed? Why should the politicians ,and others be so angry at the act of the Doctor and not at the act of killers? Isn’t this double standards?

If our politicians could show such anger at the real bad things being done in this country such as corruption in top officers, crimes and people who slaughter fellow humans like cows, i think this country would be far. Ugandans have seen macabre deaths of fellow Ugandans inflicted on them by other Ugandans.. What attracts my attention is that i have never seen the politicians, academicians and the general public get so angry and calling the perpetuates of these gruesome,cruel murders as mentality challenged, poorly brought up etc and demanding that immediate and severe punishments be inflicted on them.

In my opinion, There was anger and frustration on the part of Dr. Nyanzi, just like many of those cases of people who have killed others. Unlike the others who have expressed their anger by killing, she chose to express hers in this style which i find normal.
Finally, i think there is a hypocritical phobia for sexual parts/ or sex related issues among Africans; whenever something has to do with these matters, it is a worse crime than the crime of a person who ends the life of another or who pours acid in the face of another, or who embezzles billions of shillings meant for treating dying Ugandans in the hospitals etc. Aren’t Ugandans focussing on Minors and leaving the Major issues to escape unattended? Everybody will then behave as if sexual parts are taboo to them because they are very holy. The likes of Tanga Odoi will then talk as if this is something that has done any harm to Uganda compared to the thefts of public funds.

‘Makanda Paul’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community


What if Hon.Kadaga undressed to protest sleeping in parliament?

Yes, morality is subjective but Is it only Dr. Nyanzi to observe moral standards? Look at all those ganging against her, what morals do they uphold? Do you want to say all those people in Amazon or some other parts of the world are immoral because they are nude? I think supporting bullies, dictators and corrupt guys is equally morally wrong, don’t you think so?

And by extension some of you seem to suggest that since many Ugandans are corrupt by international standards, that is acceptable in our society, therefore a moral act. Many of those now tormenting Dr. Nyanzi I guess uphold high morals in our society.

And please, let us avoid labeling or dismissing people’s approaches simply because they divert from approaches used by some others. There is no single mathematical formula or method to use with regard to social issues like feminism. Whereas you can somehow state that 2+2 = 4 which can also be challenged by some few savvy with figures and say for example that 2+2=10 base 4, not 4, why not. So, even scientifically you have to be careful when disagreeing.

Which points to one thing, let us follow the arguments or methods used to arrive at the conclusion. We are quick to judge, how I wish we got interested to ask Dr. Nyanzi herself why she chose that method; even without asking her, we could accept that her method has created much public awareness of what is going on at MISR, had she continued with her silence which is your best method of choice, may be problems would continue simmering and eating the institution at the foundation and the public would be shocked when it collapses beyond repair.

I can say to me, Dr. Nyanzi’s choice was very effective to arousing awareness at the institute, forget about your morals obsession, please. Can you imagine what would happen in parliament if Hon. Speaker undressed to protest sleeping in parliament, don’t you think all those sleeping MPs would wake and never sleep again?


Dr.Mamdani is a bigger asset for Makerere compared to Dr.Nyanzi

Some Ugandans seem to be living only part-time on planet earth. How would they compare Dr Wangari’s world-wide protests with the stupid antics or more precisely SICK STUNTS of Dr Stella Nyanzi? Wangari was engaged in a supreme act of female emancipation, whereas Dr Nyanzi is a narcisstic attention seeker engaged in a vile form of voyeurism. Dr Nyanzi is a huge embarrassment to female emancipation, and that’s why, on the international stage or academic fora, you will see no woman supporting her. Politically, she is also toxic and has totally damaged the credible role she played in mounting an anti-fascist, anti-NRA campaign during the charade of elections. That’s why even the FDC that she had tied her coat tails to is very hesitant to come to her rescue because she is badly damaged goods.

Consider the following:

1. Some people talk of Dr Mamdani renting out space to MISR to his wife’s film company. Have they cared to look at the accounts of MISR? The Institute does not receive its annual grant from the University and is in permanent deficit. It has to raise additional income by renting out part of its premises. Dr Mamdani’s wife pays $900 per month for the space, which is much higher than it would cost in the commercial districts of Kampala. Besides, Miira Naur’s film studios are open to students, many aspiring students actually take advantage of the facility.

2. The condition for Dr Mamdani’s acceptance of the Director post at MISR in 2010 was that it would become a teaching Institute, also adding on to the research role it has been engaged in since inception. Nearly 50% of current MISR income is devoted to TEACHING and not RESEACRH. Dr Nyanzi did not want to teach a meagre 3 hours per week, even though it is written in her contract of employment. When an employee acts in such an open manner of defiance, what is the management of the Institute supposed to do? Can WBK or even Simon Peter Okurut advise how they would deal with an employee who is acting in open insubordination?

3. MISR had a culture of staff members doing their own private work, totally unrelated to the strategic vision and goals of the Institute. More often, research fellows would look for funding from external sources, or attach themselves to the Institute, while doing the research for other Universities or organisations. ( MISR staff are not unique in this as can be seen with other public servants like doctors, teachers etc who all moon-light elsewhere to make ends meet) . Dr Mamdani wanted to change all that. He wanted to crack down on PRIVATE RESEARCH not sanctioned or approved by the University. This is where he fell out with Dr Nyanzi. Dr Nyanzi is doing a research on Female Homosexual Culture in Uganda, which is funded by a Dutch organisation. Her research is completely private and has nothing to do with MISR. Dr mamdani’s view was that she should do that research in her free time and that she should not use MISR offices for her private business or research.

4. As a senior staff member, it was inappropriate for DR Naynzi to try to mobilise students against her Director. Moreover the students who have written publicly against Dr Mamdani are all students who have failed in their papers or have had their scholarships withdrawn. The Institute has a duty to maintain standards and must never be coerced to graduate students whose work is poor or sub-standard. It was completely wrong for students to publicly criticise the Institute for giving them Fail Grades in their exams. I am sure MISR has got protocols for reviewing exam results, if they feel they have been wrongly graded. That’s the avenue students should have pursued, rather than launching a public median protest.

The only point I agree on, and which needs to be addressed urgently, is one of institutional governance. The power in the hands of Dr Mamdani needs to be dispersed and made more accountable. He is the one directly responsible for the management of the scholarships, and also is the one responsible for the academic progress of the students. This puts him in a very difficult position because an academic decision he makes on a student’s progress will inevitably affect the student’s scholarship. A student has to make suitable progress over the 5 year Ph,D duration for the scholarship to continue, and it seems reasonable that these two roles should be completely separated. I was a beneficiary of a scholarship from the British Foreign office, which was managed by the British Council and not the University where I did my research. The University did not care how I survived, so long as I made progress with my academic work.

As for the idiots saying MISR should let Dr Mamdani go, let them reflect that in 2008-2009 academic year, the University Council wanted to close down the Institute because it could not afford its then running costs of $1.5 million. Dr Mamdani saved MISR, which today has an Income of $7.5 million. There is no doubt that MISR will collapse in less than 3 years without Dr Mamdani at the helm. Dr mamdani is committed to higher education in Uganda and more than three generations of Ugandan students have passed through his hands. In fact I will go so far as to say he is the most outstanding academician Uganda has produced. He does not need to be at makerere University if it was just money or lucre he was looking for. Ugandans like to talk about matters of which they have no clue, and this includes even so-called educated people. I don’t take any pleasure in stating this.

Thank You.


How can Stella Nyanzi, be quoted in the same sentence with Prof. Wangari Mathai?

Dr. Nyanzi Stella’s mind and lips ooze with lurid and vulgar language.

Shortly after the Feb 18 general elections, while allegations of rigging and other electoral malfeasance were working their way to court hearings, Dr. Nyanzi was issuing daily threats of how she would mutilate her private parts, if her preferred candidate, Kiiza Besigye was not declared the winner.

Certainly, Dr. Nyanzi knows how to use the media to advance her cause. Her only fault here is her aversion to civil language.

I think Dr. Nyanzi’s allegations against her management decides an independent investigation. It would not be in the interest of justice for the university to conduct this investigation.

However, I still fault her for engaging in x-rated language that betrays her intellectualism. And I attack here not because I’m too rigid in culture to read about sex and sexuality. Rather, she’s in position of leadership. And whether she knows it or not, leadership imposes limitation in speech and behavior, two of the core attributes of character.May be Stella Nyanzi is too uncouth to gain any public support. She’s a woman, not a lady.

Prof. Wangari Mathai never exposed herself, nor did she threaten to mutilate her private parts to protect Uhuru Park from the overbearing Nyayo.

Dr. Nyanzi repeatedly made such threats during the post-elections brouhaha, back in February.

While morality is subjective, I believe there is a general consensus when it comes to nudity: the mentally unstable can’t be held accountable for their public nudity, nor can children be faulted for being naked.

Language plays the leading role in vocal communication. And most times, we are able to decipher accurate tidbits of a person’s character from the language they use.

That’s why rap music offends more ears than it pleases: the rhythm of rap may appeal, but the lyrics are offensive for most fans.I guess she’s also standing up to a bully in a male-dominated management system. However, Dr. Nyanzi is too uncouth to be likened to the principled Mathaai.

Prof. Mathaai helped to strengthen feminism without dishonoring her own femininity; she exposed the empty egomaniac, who was mismanaging a countty, without disrobing herself.

Dr. Nyanzi is mistaking explicit language for strong language; she presents her nudity as honest form of protest by a helpless woman against powerful forces.

She can include me out from her fan base.

Pojim Edward via UAH forum

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