Dr.Odoi has zero credibility to judge Dr.Nyanzi!


What you read in the Observer newspaper is typical of Ugandans and Africans for that mater: afraid of anything to do with sexuality. They pretend to be holy yet fornicate like rats. Look everywhere and you see teenage mothers. Why? Because of such attitudes towards sexuality. Truth be told what Dr.Stella Nyanzi, a medical anthropologist, did is not so much shocking. It is only shocking to the typical conservative and traditional Ugandans who profess morality during day and turn into kafumisi or Rugosi in the dark.

QN: how many of those shocked by Dr Nyanzi’s striping are shocked by the teenage motherhood epidemic in Uganda?

Listen, how come so many busy bodies are entrusted with hiring and disciplinary procedures at Makerere. So where does the buck stop? Does it stop with Dr Odoi Tanga , who cited the case of women in West Budamaa. I refuse to believe that the god people of West Budama started heir women that way. No. If I recall the same women from west Budama fought Bride price in court under Mufumi or Mifumi and won. So which women of west Budama is Dr Odoi Tanga talking about?

Having screwed up NRM primaries Dr Odoi Tanga has zero credibility.

Listen to all the conservatives in shock. What is shocking? Dr Nyanzi embraced Dr Malcolm X’s mantra “By any means necessary. So if Dictator Mamdani reasons like Museveni that him and him alone can save MISR. Nonsense. Btw what happened to his outfit, Centre for Basic Research (CBR)

Makerere cannot win. If they fire Dr Nyanzi because she stripped naked, which credible academic would want to teach at Makerere where a dictator’s word is enough to get you fired?

Btw, what about the allegations by many that Professor Mamdani rented part of MISR to his wife? then listen to Prof Mamdani that he wants to change culture at MISR where staff use public space for private gain? Hahaha .

One more thing: the Monitor created the wrong impression that foreign academics support Prof Mamdani. WRONG. They support MISR as an institution. It goes without saying that MISR will outlive Prof Mamdani and Dr Nyanzi.

One more thing: listen to the lies that Makerere University’s image was tainted by Dr Nyanzi’s actions. Makerere has no good image to lose so give me damn break. How can Makerere lose what it does not have? Please tell me how.

Surely, there are and have been way too many academic related scandals at Makerere University . I suppose Dr Nyanzi’s striping was so huge that it dominates all the bad that has happened at Makerere.

QN to professor Mamdani : if you were in such great demand what are you doing at Makerere? You went to South Africa and briefly left to Columbia. Now you are back at Makerere. Oh If its is true that you rented or assigned part of MISR to you wife for her private film business? Could that be the real reason you are back at Makerere?

And finally why is PhD instruction centralized at MISR? Why not in Sociology, Anthropology, or whatever departments?


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