Educated men have disappointed me on Stella’s nudity!

By Annet Kobusingye

Dear all readers

1.In my view Stella Nyanzi was right to dress naked not to show off her body but the distress she was being subjected too and no body listened to her. All who express your views i do understand the background of many Ugandans as your are tied with the cultures of the past.It time to see that if u have wife and dont listen she becomes disturbed so badly to a level that she can do anything to get to you.

Stella did raise her views or concerns and she was ignored. Leaders of Uganda who all came out to blame her in fact u should be sympayhetic with Stella and understand her issues and support her to find ways of talking with her and establish the level of anger in her heart.

Yes Stella is educated and civilised and am sure there is of more crimes that go on in Uganda that are ignored compared to dressing naked. for example which is bigger than the other….. Arresting and torturing people or dressing naked…why dont u actually vehemently ask Museveni to resign when he genuinely know people are being tortured and harassed far failing to support him

Why is it that Stella seem to have captured the show for nudity but people dying in hospitals without medical care are not an issue … u cant call on the minister of health to resign or be4 suspended… are Ugandan ministers not educated or civilised….. is there a crime smaller than neglecting Ugandans to die with medical care when actually Uganda has all the resources

Why do you suspend Stella for nudity when actually we have ministers or leaders who swindling money from the government to invest it into foreign banks leaving Ugandans empty handed without jobs…. but you cant ask them to resign or be suspended…

why stella to be suspended yet we have leaders who have failed to construct roads …traffic jam which is pathetic to all Ugandans yet they have all the money they need at their disposal but u cant talk of them being suspended why jump on Stella.

You all claimed that Stella is educated she should behave maturely meaning to be sensible in what she is doing….. a good example is your well educated so called Ugandan Judges…. haahhaa the Bat Katureebe and the team on the recent concluded case of election fraud…. if they are educated with wisdom why did they declare the case baseless… on what we all saw ballot papers coming from saloons…Gulu… Ruhakana Rugunda house becoming a ticking box base for all kabaale ballot papers….kaseese to day being subjected to tuture and brutality….for vitkng President Kiiza Besigye…. tell me who is well educated here nudity or killing people?

By the way.. dressing naked is normal. Those who complaining of Stella nudity i dont get u because we are in a modern world. u accept mini skirts… gay men and women …marrying hundreds of women….having kids here and there….u dont talk about issues that have attacked your culture but ur singling out Stella.

If we are sensible we would actually sympathize with this lady than treat her with hostility. its not easy for one to take clothes off. its not done regulary. its not just something that can be done by every goes back to failure to listen.

I red here the psychiatrist view that her mind could have gone to extreme to lead her to dress naked. indeed…

I notice even educated men i thought would actually sympathize with Stella all jumped out to blame her… Prof Baryamureeba… honestly you were contesting for Presidency…. am glad you failed because if you look at issues on both angles and try to solve the problem but treat symptoms without diagnosing the illness then am really worried about again the educated people we claim to have in the country.

Haaaa as for Tango Odoi ….what happened to him i dont know. he used to be clever and always balanced in his judgement but now days i see him going one side of yellow without countience …no interest in reall causes of eventualities…. Tango Odoi please comeback to people we need u and love u. Stella would be your main concern and u would be human first before u call for suspension. suspending her does not change the ills of Makerere… look at her problems first before you call her this and that…. suspend… there many people that deserve suspension for failing to deliver for the nation that badly needs them. ie do we have a department of workers and pension… is it effective….waaa. do we have any interest in ugandan youth without jobs…waaa … by the way do we even know how many they are.


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