How can Stella Nyanzi, be quoted in the same sentence with Prof. Wangari Mathai?

Dr. Nyanzi Stella’s mind and lips ooze with lurid and vulgar language.

Shortly after the Feb 18 general elections, while allegations of rigging and other electoral malfeasance were working their way to court hearings, Dr. Nyanzi was issuing daily threats of how she would mutilate her private parts, if her preferred candidate, Kiiza Besigye was not declared the winner.

Certainly, Dr. Nyanzi knows how to use the media to advance her cause. Her only fault here is her aversion to civil language.

I think Dr. Nyanzi’s allegations against her management decides an independent investigation. It would not be in the interest of justice for the university to conduct this investigation.

However, I still fault her for engaging in x-rated language that betrays her intellectualism. And I attack here not because I’m too rigid in culture to read about sex and sexuality. Rather, she’s in position of leadership. And whether she knows it or not, leadership imposes limitation in speech and behavior, two of the core attributes of character.May be Stella Nyanzi is too uncouth to gain any public support. She’s a woman, not a lady.

Prof. Wangari Mathai never exposed herself, nor did she threaten to mutilate her private parts to protect Uhuru Park from the overbearing Nyayo.

Dr. Nyanzi repeatedly made such threats during the post-elections brouhaha, back in February.

While morality is subjective, I believe there is a general consensus when it comes to nudity: the mentally unstable can’t be held accountable for their public nudity, nor can children be faulted for being naked.

Language plays the leading role in vocal communication. And most times, we are able to decipher accurate tidbits of a person’s character from the language they use.

That’s why rap music offends more ears than it pleases: the rhythm of rap may appeal, but the lyrics are offensive for most fans.I guess she’s also standing up to a bully in a male-dominated management system. However, Dr. Nyanzi is too uncouth to be likened to the principled Mathaai.

Prof. Mathaai helped to strengthen feminism without dishonoring her own femininity; she exposed the empty egomaniac, who was mismanaging a countty, without disrobing herself.

Dr. Nyanzi is mistaking explicit language for strong language; she presents her nudity as honest form of protest by a helpless woman against powerful forces.

She can include me out from her fan base.

Pojim Edward via UAH forum

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