What if it was a man or Mamdani that had undressed?

As the battle/s in Makerere continue‎s to rage, I am glad there are some cool headed people who are trying to separate the relevant issues.

The two or three most talked about issues are::‎

1) Stella Nyanzi’s, conduct to which some on this forum have tried to explain away as due to her being a woman and cultural practices.‎ I am yet to see plausible explanations that justify the two excuses, as to why Stella Nyanzi, chose to act the way she did.

Let us flip the script and ask what and how you would have reacted if the shoe was on the other foot and it was Prof Mamdani, who decided to walk around in his birthday suit, in protest for not getting his way?

Would his (Mamdani) gender and culture apply or would you be as understanding?‎ I can almost guess how people would react and the calls for him to be jailed would be one of the requests.

2) Prof Mamdani’s administrative style, which some say may contributed to Stella Nyanzi’s, bizarre behavior. I am not an authority or know very little about the variables that are required to make the MISR in Makerere, a first class research center.

But we are made to understand that Makerere University, specifically tasked Prof Mamdani with the goal of raising the standards of that dept(MISR).

What are the skills set that made him(Mamdani) the ideal candidate‎ for MISR? I wouldn’t be surprised that the very things Prof. Mamdani, is being accused of, driven and obstinate, are exactly the ingredients required to build a first class institution;

3) bureaucratic infighting within the leadership of the esteemed University is what all this may be about. Academia like other institutions are populated by huge ego’s ‎who may be flexing their intellectual muscles defending turf and settling old scores.

I wouldn’t be surprised that Stella Nyanzi, was encouraged to kick up dust but then she went too far by undressing and her instigators took off to the hill.

My opinion/s are of one looking in from the outside and I could out rightly be wrong in my assessment and stand to be corrected.

Ocen‎ Moses Nekyon via UAH forum


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