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Islamophobia is not a far right extremist issue


It is so interesting how we as society have moved very far into agreeing to live in harmony with the Moslem community, and as a man that follow these issues, I stand to be happy today that we have taken these changes and they are working very well. For example in 2016 there is very few cases in this city or even country, where a Moslem girl will fail to work due to wearing a hijab. Many Canadian companies have accelerated it into their uniform and have accepted it. For example, Tim Horton has incorporated it in its uniform, Bell Canada has incorporated it into its uniform, Rogers has incorporated it, TELUS has incorporated it and many other companies that I cannot list this morning. When a Muslim girl shows up to apply for work, the moment she mentions that she is a Moslem, she is asked if she wants to wear a hijab, if the answer is yes, she is given a uniform or uniform specs that incorporate it, and she fires away to join the work force. And those in this city have seen those girls and women wearing it as a part of the company uniform. Now we are not done yet, for I think we can do better in government agencies, for example a Muslim nurse in a hospital setting is capable to work when a hijab is incorporated into her uniform, and we will reach that point with time. When you look at the Royal Canadian Mount police, on the Toronto Police services and many services out there, the turban has been accepted in all their uniforms and they are working very fine for we all have agreed to live with each other peacefully.

The single largest hold up we have as a society is back ward people like George Okello that look in a haystack to look for very small things to prove how we can never live with Moslems. And their message is always simple, every Moslem you see out there is a killer and if you are to pass near him/her expect death. They feed on planting fear in the masses. When the George Okello arrive at a crime scene the first thing they do is to drop the pants of the killer to find out if he was a Moslem, if you find that there is no religion mentioned, understand that they have found that the killer was actually a none Moslem. Sadly The Obama administration has crossed that line as well, of making sure that we live in fear of Moslems permanently. Don’t you wonder how they send out warnings to every single function, someone prepares out there? Even the current Euro cup got a warning from The Obama administration, of how they have gathered a great intelligence on how the games are going to be a target. Yup you are going to watch the games, but understand that we have intelligence that they will be attacked. Now for any administration to stand up and warn its citizens of such attack, it means that this administration is having some very good intelligence and it is up to the dot in caring for our safety, thus the warning.

Which brings one very bothering question, why has this massive intelligence failed to warn us of any mass shootings that happen daily in United States? Why can’t we ever get a single warning that you know, do not go to the night club in Orlando this or that weekend, for our intelligence believes a killer will show up? Why are all warnings only about attacks that will happen to other countries or to functions planned outside United States but never inside?

We are very close to running from our own God damn shadows, for at the rate we are going, we are going to die of empty panic attacks.


European Parliament PM – Martin Schulz said: “Terrorism and radicalisation must be fought through prevention, monitoring, intelligence-gathering and updated rules and sanctions. There is one tool however which beats radicalisation before it even takes place: dialogue.”

Belgium – Prime Minister Charles Michel has offered his support to Interior Minister Jan Jambon, who was facing criticism for telling a newspaper that Belgian Muslims cheered the Brussels terror attacks.

Bulgaria – The number of migrants coming to Bulgaria threatens to tilt “the demographic balance” its Prime Minister Boiko Borissov said “Bulgaria has regions with Muslim population. We have nothing against Muslims. But when more Muslims come from outside, they can abruptly change the demography of the country,” Yeh alright!

Czech Republic – The Czech President Milos Zeman has claimed that it is “practically impossible” to integrate Muslims into the Western world.

Denmark – Denmark might soon be able to strip radicalized imams of citizenship. Rasmussen said that he will be willing to “push the limits” of the interpretation of the Danish Constitution when reviewing the proposals.

France – Prime Minister Manuel Valls said extreme forms of Islam was being used as a political symbol for the “enslavement of women”. France’s women’s rights minister has sparked fury by comparing Muslim womenwho choose to wear the headscarf to “negroes who accepted slavery”. Marine Le Pen – who notoriously compared Muslims praying in the streets to the wartime Nazi occupation of France – is on course to perform very strongly in next year’s French presidential elections.

Germany – Die Welt, Andreas Scheuer, the General Secretary of the Christian Social Union (CSU), sister party Angela Merkel’s CDU, said “We need an Islam Law. The financing of mosques or Islamic kindergartens from abroad, e.g. from Turkey or Saudi Arabia, should be banned. All imams need to be trained in Germany and share our core values..” “German must be the language of the mosques. Enlightened Europe must cultivate its own Islam.”

Hungary – Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban opposes refugees on the grounds that he wants to keep Europe Christian.

Italy: Unregulated mosques to be closed due to terrorism fears.

Netherlands – The Netherlands have approved a partial ban on wearing an Islamic face-covering veil out in public.

UK – David Cameron: We will ‘drain the swamp’ which allows Muslim extremists to flourish. “Some Muslim communities ‘quietly condone’ extremist ideology – instead of confronting it.”

Talks between UPC Party and NRM government

I am still perturbed about the forthcoming talks if it ever takes place. We are being told that the National Council has already given it a blessing. I have two questions which I hope the leadership of UPC will give me the answer.

The first question is who initiated the talks? Was it NRM government or the UPC leadership? Secondly what does the talk aim to achieve? In my opinion before any talks can take place the general membership of the Party should be consulted so that they can give in their input. I saw something on UPC net where the Party President asked members to give their input. I only hope this is being done at the grass root level as well. Secondly the members should also be informed about the agenda. No excuse should be given that the agenda is secret.

The membership of the Party should realise that any secret dealings between the NRM government and UPC Party is not possible. The present politics in Uganda these days is rotten to the core. I was in Uganda for the last five months and I saw it with my own eyes.

The politics of Uganda got spoilt with the advent of the Okellos’ coup. The coming in of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made it worse. It has been politics of the gun throughout though it has been disguised with some sham elections. What I saw is quite appalling. The NRM has introduced money game in the politics of Uganda. Most political positions go to those who have money. The days where people were voted in by the electorate based on ideas are gone.

In that type of scenario what type of talks can you hold with NRM government concerning democratic practices in Uganda. If the UPC Party leadership care for return of normal politics in Uganda it should be calling for a National Dialogue where all Ugandan can be consulted and they can give their opinion about the type of democracy they want. Anything short of that will not do. The leadership should not take people for a ride by comparing the present Uganda situation with that of British government and Sinn Fien in Northern Ireland some years back. That was totally a different scenario.

The leadership should also stop telling us that because we are not on the ground we do not know the situation as much as they do. They should realise that in this modern age of technology information is at the finger tips of those who care to look for it. Some of us have up to date information on what is taking place in Uganda by the minute.

John Ojok-Akona
UPC Member London

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