By Njalwe Desire

During the French Revolution, had a contract either civil or natural still bound the king and his people, there would have been a mutual obligation and the will of the people would not have set itself up as an supreme arbitrator to pronounce absolute judgment. Abnegation from the seemingly ‘sacrosanct’ views of total loyalty to the king proved to be principal in the sequence of the events that punctuated the revolution, hence, its success.

Man, as it has always been, is called to distance himself from such bounding views and, in the end, embrace his true nature; that is to say, a call to self –awareness.

Without self-awareness, man is dragging himself under repressive leaders in whose draconian laws he wallows. A call to self will rupture these imaginary chains wrapped-up in self-told-contracts that bind and exiges him to submit to these coldblooded rulers.
Today, total allegiance, as earlier mentioned, is making man to forget the self and the world in which he lives. The will to serve humanity is being replaced by him trailing and submitting to principles that dehumanize his resemblance and negates what embodies the eternal truths; The General Will (the will of the people)
Allegiance to these ruthless rulers, who in simple terms are rebels against the people whose absolute sovereignty they usurp, is not just a crime, but crime itself.

Since, according to Montesquieu, “no one rules innocently,” a despot, in making himself enemy of the people, hence, their will, has become a blasphemer whose sin is unforgettable and unpardonable. Such sinner is sinning against the ultimate nature of things (The General Will); and so is allegiance to him. Even Christ himself, writes Camus, though he can forgive sinners, cannot absolve false gods.

By violating human nature, the despot is alienating himself from this all powerful will, therefore, unable to participate in the “divine dispensation.” At the end his crime is becoming inextricable bound to his person; to his very existence that in setting a new order, to end such crimes equals to end the despot.

Let us all remember that The People are inviolable and sacred and can only be constrained by the law, which is supposed to be an expression of their common will. Once The People are free, they will be infallible. And once these imposed chains are thrown away, The People will express what, at all times and in all places, is, has been, and will be the truth. They will become the “oracle that has be consulted to know what the eternal order of the state demands, hence, the universal tendency towards the Good.” In this way, their nostalgic views will be brought to life; rendering the beautiful motherland once again a better place to live in.

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