Gay oral sex can give you worms: Museveni

With all due respect to His Excellency, I think he was terribly wrong about the role of the mouth – that gadget has as many uses as a computer. It simply shows how he is living in another century and how many things have changed since he gained power. In reality, if M7 kissed Janet in public, Besigye and Amana would be history because he could get an unprecedented number of votes! Not with the many people who believe that his marriage is sexless and dysfunctional.

I use the mouth for the following:
– PowerPoint Presentations – most of my income now is tied strongly to my ability to speak
– Expression of disdain – in a situation where I cannot voice my disdain, I use the mouth and eyes to send a strong message of ‘don’t mess with me’
– I use my mouth and vocal cords to send a tirade of words or to jeer at those who malign me
– I use the mouth to make faces and entertain my little boys
– U can use the mouth to point
– I often whistle to myself when happy or bored or when there is a tune in my brain

A mouth is also used for expression, convincing, castigating, entertainment, fighting, smocking, smuggling, inciting, advising, consultancy, education, vomitting.

If only people worried about oral infections/cancers & were just as concerned about more serious & burdensome diarrhea related illnesses & deaths whereby efforts such as boreholes in constituencies held by so called MPs would help. Worrying about attributable death risk of oral cancers etc is searching for a straw man… Something politicians have been successful in drawing an easily diverted & uninformed population to…I’m amazed how many people become excited about relative non-issues while they meekly head towards some more serious impending health & environmental disasters.



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  1. amos john,

    Eeh i have been behind curtains but these guys are seriously encroaching our country. expose them to the extent of

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