Uganda during Amin was far much better than Uganda now

pecadilloesAmin was more productive in his short reign than Museveni in 30 years.Uganda during Amin was far much better than Uganda now during his regime. U only have to drive along Salama Road Makindye to Munyonyo, better still after 6pm, to experience HELL on earth aka Uganda under the delusional guidance n vision of Museveni.

The IDIOT Amin left Us with the only international airport we have to date ” Entebbe International Airport.” – he also created the Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) after the 1977 dissolution of East African Railways & harbors Corporation, which had begun after world war.

Early 1970, according to National Housing Statistics, NHCC built flats, marionettes and bungalows in top class residential areas of Bugolobi (872). Bukoto White (130), Bukoto Brown (180), Kololo (80), Nakasero (44), Wandegeya inter alia (136). Middle to low housing estates were built in Luwafu (51) and Mulago. Idi Amin had plans of having apartment blocks like those in Bugolobi in places like; Kawempe, Mutundwe & Kansanga.

Amin hosted the Organization of African Union (OAU): No one seriously believed the Organization of African Union (OAU) heads of state would come to Uganda so soon if ever.

Credit goes to President Idi Amin Dada for the Creation of Uganda’s first and only national flag carrier, the Uganda Airlines Corporation. He rescued ‘The Flying Crane’ out of the wreckage of the East African Airways, and the Crane proudly traversed the international skies and landed at the world’s airports to the admiration and envy of many. All this was for the purpose of ensuring availability of air transport for Ugandans, visitors and air cargo at affordable charges.

Amin saw to it that Uganda Airlines started to the Middle East and Nairobi. Uganda Airlines flew to Nairobi, Rome, Frankfurt, London, Dubai – ETC

Amin the Idiot built more hospitals, roads, airports, schools etc in such a short time than M7.

The man he calls an idiot never sold his country to himself like the idiot Museveni.

One day some one will cal him an idiot, but how will muhoozi feel!!? Oh, i just called him so. Kanve wano tebansiiba.



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  1. milo,

    You are talking absolute sh1t….Amin was no great leader…never built anything in Uganda or elsewhere…All you talk about was started by Obote and merely finished during amin time…amin started Uganda Airlines to get the coffee to market to feed his soldiers that kept him in power.
    Please check facts before you post crap !

  2. James B wod Awili,

    Idi Amin was a leader for Development and the good part of Amin, He was not a tribal leader. With Museveni, everything is being controlled by the Tutsis his tribe yet the idea of development is not in their plan. this is a bad leadership Ugandans have never seen for 30 years in Tutsis’ ruled in Uganda. there is no freedom movement, social interaction among Ugandans how do people learn from one another if such freedoms are not allowed? Shame on Tutsis and their leader>

  3. Wama,

    While I am an avid fun of Id Amin, lets get some facts right. Uganda railway was the result of the breakup of the East African railways and harbours, 2, Uganda airways was the result of the breakup of East African airways in 1977. All this under the umbrella of the East African community. The flats in Bugolobi were the result of co-operation and foreign aid from Israel before Amin came to power. Both Amin and Obote found development plans for the country already put in place by the British, who weird to say had a soft spot for their Uganda protectrate and colony!

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