October 2016

Month October 2016


By Njalwe Desire
UAH member

A couple of weeks ago, in utter incredulity, and defiance of all normality, the ministry of tourism,in a bid to lure tourists back to the adulterated Pearl of Africa,launched a campaign to advance the ‘celebrated’ Rolex as a national insignia.As well noted and responded to by different analysts, such a move is not only riotous but leaves a lot to wonder and question about: what happened to the multitude of values and cultural vestiges that Ugandans have for long been proud of and eagerly yearned to share with the rest of the world; what has become of our much cherished resources, our dishes—purely local andmouthwatering, instead of being proud of this farfetched foreign concoction of stuff simply foreign to our motherland?

What has become of our people? Where are the brains that made Uganda the center of attraction—visionary men and women who worked tirelessly, selflessly to uphold the nation’s values and unity in moments where skeptics and self proclaimed rationals deemed us uncouth and unable to govern ourselves towards development?
This, if taken in the wider perspective, is an indicator that day-in-day-out, our people, and more unfortunately the system, are slowly but surely accepting the anomalies that our society repudiated back in the days. Bit-by-bit, people are getting contented in utter slavery and servitude, and are driven by impromptus and leviathan-like leaders to destitution; It is only now that it is ok to help home grown slave traders that have found Uganda an Eldorado for their infamous trade; it is now ok to devise policies that harness such a trade, drum recruitment, spice the benefits, ferry the poor souls to some sun-baked lands, leave them at the mercy of some self confessed kamikaze, and come back home and wallow oneself in self gratifications for the job well done.

Uganda Rolex on sale in Netherlands!

Uganda Rolex on sale in Netherlands!

It is now ok, and quite accepted, for whoever, rich or poor to expect no public service; no good roads, no education, no health care, no street lighting, no water, no electricity, no jobs, no good governance, no peace, no justice, no freedom—the litany is inexhaustible; from the trivial to the significant, it is ok- everything is ok.

But why have Ugandans gone so low?Is it that our motherland has been rendered so poor to feed its own;or that its boundless magnanimity is being abused by some vagabonds whose seemingly liberation motives have, from day-go, been a mélange of egoistic and dehumanizing tendencies? Is it because Ugandans are paying for the ‘sins’ their I-don’t-know-who ancestor might have committed by allowing these former wanderers to find solace in our beautiful and immaculate lands? Have we become all embracing to accept a poorly raised illegitimate child to pee over our heads as we, all smiles, console ourselves with an un-catholic infectious hope that someday the pee will come to an end?

Heeloooo!!! As I wrote, some years back, it is high time we reclaimed what belongs to us; it is never too late to redeem our beloved nation from these scavengers whose only prayer is to see this once fat and health but now emaciated and sickly nation succumbing to their inflictions. Let us denounce this salvation that is belittling our people, stunting their vision and making them live a coerced ridiculous simplicity. Let us stand once again as a united, free and proud nation that will not settle for less but only that that will raise our people. For God and My Country.

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