Maj. Mohammed Kiggundu wasnt in ADF according to UAH’s Sarah Nalukenge!


On 26th November 2016 Sheikh Kiggundu was gunned down together with his driver, Sgt. Richard Mukasa in the usual fashion of killing Muslim clerics. The incident marks a resumption of the trend of killings of Muslim clerics that had been halted by the ultimatum that had been issued by the clerics who threated to fight for their survival if government had failed to protect them but more so the last general elections. As usual the police were quick at pointing at the usual suspects – the ADF rebel group.

As the then Emir of Kampala district, Kiggundu had been one of the leaders of the Jamat Dawa Salafiya/Tabliq Muslim sect that clashed with security forces over the invasion of the Old Kampala mosque in 1991.He fled into exile and formed the Uganda National Freedom Movement/Army (UNFM/A) that set up bases in West Nile, Congo and Sudan whereby he was its Chairman. His group never carried out any attacks anywhere until in 2000 when he returned to Uganda upon being granted
amnesty. As is always the norm for those who denounce rebellion he was placed under CMI (military intelligence) to help with spying on those still in rebellion. In May 2005 he facilitated the return of 16 members of his group from Sudan – being the last batch of his 200 strong UNFM/A.

He resumed his active religious activities under the Tabliq sect at
the Nakasero mosque. He was one of the Clerics that disagreed with the now detained head of the Tablic sect, Sheikh Kamoga who is detained over murder of other clerics. Kiggundu and other clerics fled to Kibuli mosque and joined the faction opposed to the one of Kamoga.

As part of the deal, the intelligence services recommended his being crowned to the military rank of Major which Museveni granted in 2007. Though the army claims to have a policy of restraining it personnel’s involvement in religious activities, Kiggundu was given exception because he helped the regime to ferment divisionism among the Muslim community. He has been a regular panellist at the Islamic affiliated Pearl FM radio station.

On top of his two Sudanese wives, in November 2015 he wedded Sylvia Namutebi aka Mama Fina the Chairperson of Uganda Traditional Herbalists and Healers Association and a strong regime political mobiliser. She converted to Islam and became Sofia Namutebi. While at the scene of crime on Saturday, she directly called Museveni to complain over the delay to remove her husband’s dead body from the scene. It was through her that Museveni gave orders to an army Colonel for ambulances to evacuate the dead body. Museveni should be commended
for managing the scene of crime.


1. Kiggundu was never a member of the ADF rebel group. Though a fake army Major, his role in the Muslim wrangles put the army in an impartial position.

2. His shooting provided a smoke screen for the Kasese carnage the following day that has left 60+ people dead thus the ADF version.

3. It sends a message that other than Museveni who is guarded by 10,000+ soldiers, any other Ugandan can be shot dead. Therefore Dr. Besigye should be on the watch out.


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