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Andrew Mwenda’s Proof of the identity of TVO!

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to establish the identity of persons behind TVO. For example, four twitter accounts were opened using one email address poliko2010@gmail.com – that of Henry Rugasira (now living in Uganda), Robert Shaka (now a dissident in the USA), Tom V Okwalinga and TVOUganda. Shaka and Rugasira are brothers.

I know who writes to them, who gives them info (even when given physically including location – like the Kale Kayihura tapes that leaked) and where this has happened. I also know their links with Kizza Besigye personally and elements of FDC generally.

It’s not my job to help Uganda intelligence fight these demented psychopathic maniacs. That I leave to Museveni and his system.

But I can post pictures of Semuwemba with Besigye is a hotel in London. Or reveal a lot on the activities of TVO which would attract many people to this site. But this movement is not seeking cheap popularity or fight individuals. Our aim is to expose radical extremism that Besigye is using in his pursuit of power.

Besigye and his extremists claim that this campaign is sponsored by Museveni. This is an old trick in the book of lies to divide patriotic Ugandans who see a big danger in replacing one cult-led government with an even worse cult-led government.

Museveni’s system is many many times more tolerant than Besigye and his radical extremists. We think Museveni has done a good job and should retire. Besigye leads a dangerous radical extremist and power hungry group who should never rule our country.

Had Museveni attacked Mengo, would Mumbere have shown up?

The problem is not about the kingdoms it is about Ugandans. When the population in Mukura gets boiled in train wagons, the people in Kasese do not worry about it for Kasese is a free land. They forget that the reason why the people of Mukura got boiled is because the government its self is a killer. There is not a single parent, a politician, a church leader let alone community leader that rose up from Barlonyo to condemn the killing of our people in Luwero, not even one. They thought at a time that the people in Luwero died for they were bad people, they forgot that the government its self was a killer. It ended up going after them too. And I opine that had the people of Barlonyo stood up an defended us when we were being killed, they would have saved their own lives for the government would stop killing us. The problem is so large that Abbey Semuwemba does not get upset for a Ugandan has been murdered, he gets a upset for a Moslem has been murdered. That is the danger in the true Uganda reasoning.

I have lost very many friends, some of them right from this city to The Movement. And they have made a whack of money out of the Movement. But you and I know that as soon as The movement does not need you it kills you. Yet everyone plays Mr. smart of I will be the only one that do not get killed. I was surprised that the murdering of Ugandans in Ombacci was never raised by Ugandans, it remained a secret to a point that even the people that were born in West Nile refused to raise the death of their very own people. Do you know how Ombacci was made public? A very serious Ugandan out of this country, flew into Sudan with a pile of doctors and politicians, they did a study by visiting those that survived the Acholi massacre, the international community documented the Acholi atrocities, and then it still remained a private matter in Uganda. So the international community documented the massacre in West Nile but Uganda society did not print it on Uganda papers.

The very first time the Ombacci genocide was made public was during the Acholi series when I decided to out it publicly. That was the first time that massacre took rounds in Uganda forums. Other words no Ugandan saw a value into posting it. ->And boy was I threatened?

Museveni continues to kill Ugandans for they only complain when their parents or members of family are killed and as soon they burry them the rest of family keeps quiet and asks for money to steal.


Indicators of a sick economy

When I suggest to government to pick the tabs on Urban Planning and Town development I intend to argue government to directly get involved in the development of this country Uganda.

There you’re setting up the most basic infrastructure and appended professional man power which Uganda lacks everywhere.

a. The stock exchange in Uganda has less that 15 Uganda companies listed and for two year n a row it is almost dormant.

b. Lack of Construction cranes in building site virtually all over Uganda shows 1. Level of development and 2. Magnitude of invest in shilling terms!

c. That local governments in Uganda are basically service oriented and almost lack physical planning / engineering capabilities is pointer to lack of development in almost Uganda territory.

d. The above explains the number of professional and expert; architects, engineers, cartographers, economists, lawyers working or operating in any Uganda district towns.

e. Once that class is not present in district – development is an illusion.

f. Uganda has virtually no capacity to design major engineering projects; i.e. roads, dams, large scale engineering networks.

g. Lack of visible manufacturing and processing industry is an addition to level of development in Uganda.
Because of the above, Uganda a petty dealers and no major international company will find it easy to invest into such a country!

Bwanika Daniel, Luwero via UAH

Ndugu Andrew Mujuni Mwenda, get a life!

By Egesa Ronald…….

I liked reading Andrew Mwenda’s writings for Monitor in the noughties(2000s) and went on to religiously read his ‘Last Word’ in independent until 2008. Here is why I stopped in 2008.

At the height of Temangalo saga, I spotted him meeting Amama Mbabazi at Serena Hotel at night and this was followed by Andrew Mujuni Mwenda putting up a spirited defence of Mbabazi role in Temangalo saga using his column in his Independent magazine. I sent him an email with the date and time I spotted him at Serena and he did not reply. I confirmed that the chap is a gun for hire and was double-faced!

I also critically analysed 20 latest copies of his independent magazine and realised that it gave only positive reviews of Rwanda and negative stories on Ugandan politics! I concluded that it was after all not an independent magazine. You could clearly see that Mwenda was doing PR for Rwanda together with his friend Dr. Frederick Golooba Mutebi ( in the East African), while at the same time, he was looking for attention from the Kampala or is it Entebbe regime! Finally, when his quasi-intellectualism was busted by HE Kagame – thanks to British lobbyists and ‘strategists’, he lobbied hard to get close to the centre of power in Kampala. He targeted the post then occupied by Tamale Mirundi, but the President denied him that appointment. Remember the infamous NTV News nights -yes those were all schemes for the Presidential Press Secretary job. I saw through it and stopped watching them.

Like my friend Jone Kyoma put it, Mwenda is a brand parasite. After riding on the Museveni brand to rob HE Kagame with bogus PR, he turned to his host (Museveni) and has realised that he cannot have his way; so he has turned Besigye into his host so as to attract Museveni attention so he can rob him. After realising that the elites have ignored his outbursts against Besigye, he shifted target to the leading social media brand of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga so he can get the much denied attention of the enlightened class.

Ndugu Andrew Mujuni Mwenda, get a life!


By Angura Ariko L’Ikilai

Andrew Mwenda should find a better way to convince us to buy into his lies. The twitter policy allows one not to use one email address to open multiple accounts. The twitter policy statement is public and it’s on its website. It’s not something secret, all can cross check with. Secondly that email he’s brandishing is only used by Robert Shaka and it’s not a secret email account. It’s the reason I warned Andrew yesterday of the danger of labelling innocent souls what they are not. Imagine your mother loosing your brother because of some baseless allegations. Ugandan government is hunting for TVO, and don’t make the regime start pointing it’s guns on those innocent souls and harm them because of your malice against Besigye. The champion against character assassinations becomes a master in character assassinations. Andrew M. Mwenda, you are better than this my dear brother.

Yesterday Andrew claimed Lugasire one of his TVOs, was based in Canada, today he claims he’s in Uganda. If he can’t establish the guys’ correct place of abode how then does he start claiming to know of the physical meetings TVO had with the guy who gave him the Kaihura tapes. For the record, the man Mwenda is accusing here is an ordinary soul working with Stanbic bank here in Uganda with a young family. You can’t imagine how his young family will survive if his killed by state operatives. Mwenda needs to trade with caution.

It hurts to loose a person dear to you because someone orchestrasted a smear campaign to dent a person’s image and thereby causing his death. That’s the most painful lose one can ever have. It’s in the same vein we implore Andrew M. Mwenda, to exercise caution when uttering such allegations.It is OK for him to attack TVO, the only problem is, no-one knows with certainty who TVO is, so to malign some innocent souls, to drag their names in this is totally being insensitive.Andrew has some of these guys blocked on his page, so they can’t respond here but have spoken out already on other forums. They categorically deny any involvement with TVO.

The principal on evidence is that, he who alleges should prove. And here, all Andrew M. Mwenda is floating as proof is a mere email address which he claims was used to open multiple TVO accounts, and that’s not possible since it offends twitter policies. So in simple terms his allegations are so grave and yet he’s not giving us any form of evidence.

The hunt for TVO is still on, for now he’s or she’s an enigma that the state has to grapple with. No one knows whom TVO is for certain. Some people have been arrested before, arraigned in court in that regard but later Scot free for lack of evidence. So one here should claim special knowledge over the same, where our intelligence community is failing.


By Bakara Shaedy Edmon

‘It’s high time bwana Andrew Mwenda stops all this hullabaloo. He is just becoming a disgrace to people who used to look up to him as one of Uganda’s finest as regards journalism. His Ego is hurt by Besigye’s call to not respond to all his attacks and now he is turning to people like TVO to start a war of words. Just blubbering about people’s locations is enough to show that he is even not sure of what he is talking about.

The Twitter policy does not allow one to create multiple accounts using one email address. Secondly, how does a picture of Abbey Semuwemba with Besigye in London make him “guilty” of being labelled TVO? Do your pictures in/at Mille Collines Hotel Kigali make you the owner?You are now just posting random things to remain relevant. You used to be better than this. Your behaviour and skewed journalism are the reasons why journalists like Onyango Obbo and Daniel Kalinaki will always be more respected and ahead of you.

Hang on a minute, What if Andrew m Mwenda is TVO? i have reasons 1.he is very well connect with state house ,visits them same frequently and whenever something happens there,it is published in a short time. 2.Those he claims are TVOs live in london,America or canada.how do they get info from state house in hours???




Believe it or not, I hate responding to some issues, but even in the most heated exchange, I consider it somehow “impolite” not to respond to somebody. Its just that sometimes silence to a smear campaign could turn out to be counterproductive in the long run.

The conspiracy theory reared its ugly head on ‘WHO IS TOM OKWALINGA?’ a few days ago, only this time the conspirator fired a lot of empty bullets on my door step.It was basically a nice display of hateful ignorance.If posting nonsense were real money some people would be extremely wealthy.Despite gaping holes of no merit to the allegations against me, Robert Shaka and the other gentleman whom I’ve never heard of till a few days ago, some people still believe what has been spewed/slanted.

Oh man, something is wrong. If we have Uganda citizens ready to be thrown under the bus over unfounded allegations on Facebook, I am speechless.Obviously I have been living in some kind of a bubble. I didnt know that somebody could write something on Facebook, and its taken as the gospel truth by some people. However,sometimes bubbles aren’t so bad.They help keep the blood pressure down.The only thing the rest of us can do is to point out the gaping holes in their agenda.

What is disappointing in all this is that some newsline just rush to publish anything that is posted on Facebook by a celebrity without putting someone to task to furnish them with facts and details.Celebrity reporting in the mainstream media today is at a low point.If it requires a pain in the ass to point this out as often as is required,then I am duty-bound to accept it as my calling.

You can’t just write a story saying, “X is TVO — everybody says so. He took a picture with Besigye in London……” Jesus! You have to name your sources, and show where they got their information. You need hard facts — documentary evidence (records,IP addresses, perhaps). Otherwise, publishing something you know little of risk putting one’s life in danger.You have to think about our society which is hegemonic and cruel to the opposition.Hasty generalisations end up in misleading. I dont wish to land at Entebbe Airport, and somebody puts handcuffs on me basing on a riduculous Redpepper headline. Unfortunately many in the media don’t care about truth or facts only their false narrative. Anyway the haters out there feed off their own ignorance. For record purposes, nobody in the world, unless photoshopped, can produce evidence of me and Besigye together anywhere, not that its a crime itself. Anyway, there are big lessons for all of us, such as:

1. We should quit attacking each other on personal issues,and just keep talking about issues that matter to Ugandans;

2.If you’ve intentionally written something made up about somebody, please grow a pair and apologise for such posts that lower your standard, and the standards of the debate.

3. Let us be consistent and be true bearers of justice against injustice and have the courage to stand by and for our convictions because it is the right thing to do as God commands us, and not because it is easy and fashionable to do. There is no reason why anybody respectable could devote their time attacking the person of Kiiza Besigye.I have studied Uganda politics since 1962 and I have never seen or heard of anyone that has been treated so unfairly as Dr.Besigye.

4. Let us learn to forgive each other. Personally, I have forgiven all those that run a smear campaign against me.There is a huge difference between “dare to question” and “attack and discredit” which is exactly what a few do in here on a continual basis.

Byebyo ebyange banange. Siyina mutawana oba mpalana kumuntu yenna!


By Apangu Kennedy Fanuel

Mwendah, to suggest that Museveni’s system is more tolerant than Besigye is the climax of your irrelevance. First things first. Do you think TVO is the enemy majority Ugandans face today? TVO is an enemy to the state because it exposes their excesses and plunder of national resources by the few. This actually makes TVO a darling to the majority Ugandans whose voice you work hard to suppress.

Museveni’s system more tolerant than KB supporters? You top my list of Jokers today. Simply look at all the institutions in the country! All the institutions are working to serve the president. How would you justify invasion of courts of law by the security agencies to ‘re arrest suspects? Is there any provision in the law to act in this manner? What of the parliament that only exist by name? Aren’t they performing rituals only without any meaningful business? A kingdom was blown up by the military just last month and all you saw in that was tolerance by the Museveni regime? Mwendah, I can state that you have joined the long list of the enemy Ugandans have had.

Now, a certain king has been appointed to serve in the government in a position that does not exist in diplomatic circles and yet we know cultural institutions are supposed to be independent. If this king was an ally of Besigye, won’t we have another Kasese massacre in Uganda? Mwenda! Mwenda!Uganda is watching you. Many people in Uganda can’t afford all the meals. In my entire village no one can pay school fees in Namagunga, Buddo and many other top schools. 6bn was plundered and yet livestock and humans are suffering in the cattle corridor die to water scarcity. Do you know how many borehole this money would have drilled? Recently a certain friendly country donated rice to Uganda. Shamelessly your officials were there receiving it. Isn’t Uganda an agric economy? Is it only by description? Can’t we grow rice here in Uganda? What’s your government priority?

If your really sure that these people represent the so called Tom Okwalinga . I think you publishing this information is not a wise thing to do but running straight to police or any security agency would b a better idea . These are people who may be charged with a number of counts ranging from treason to the least cyber crime, but again I remember how money hungry you are which makes m question your source otherwise u would have just run straight to the boss himself and walk away with a golden handshake

Guys, let’s not relent. Mwendah has not burried a woman who died in Labour, a child who dies of preventable diseases, has not come across many children who have dropped out of school due to school fees, parents whose children are fighting senseless wars outside there. By the way, they are sent without parliamentary approval. He has not seen mass graves that result from mismanagement of politics.

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