Andrew Mwenda’s Proof of the identity of TVO!

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to establish the identity of persons behind TVO. For example, four twitter accounts were opened using one email address – that of Henry Rugasira (now living in Uganda), Robert Shaka (now a dissident in the USA), Tom V Okwalinga and TVOUganda. Shaka and Rugasira are brothers.

I know who writes to them, who gives them info (even when given physically including location – like the Kale Kayihura tapes that leaked) and where this has happened. I also know their links with Kizza Besigye personally and elements of FDC generally.

It’s not my job to help Uganda intelligence fight these demented psychopathic maniacs. That I leave to Museveni and his system.

But I can post pictures of Semuwemba with Besigye is a hotel in London. Or reveal a lot on the activities of TVO which would attract many people to this site. But this movement is not seeking cheap popularity or fight individuals. Our aim is to expose radical extremism that Besigye is using in his pursuit of power.

Besigye and his extremists claim that this campaign is sponsored by Museveni. This is an old trick in the book of lies to divide patriotic Ugandans who see a big danger in replacing one cult-led government with an even worse cult-led government.

Museveni’s system is many many times more tolerant than Besigye and his radical extremists. We think Museveni has done a good job and should retire. Besigye leads a dangerous radical extremist and power hungry group who should never rule our country.



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  1. Gold Ruyondo,

    Mwenda sold himself to the devil for thirty pieces of silver

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