Indicators of a sick economy

When I suggest to government to pick the tabs on Urban Planning and Town development I intend to argue government to directly get involved in the development of this country Uganda.

There you’re setting up the most basic infrastructure and appended professional man power which Uganda lacks everywhere.

a. The stock exchange in Uganda has less that 15 Uganda companies listed and for two year n a row it is almost dormant.

b. Lack of Construction cranes in building site virtually all over Uganda shows 1. Level of development and 2. Magnitude of invest in shilling terms!

c. That local governments in Uganda are basically service oriented and almost lack physical planning / engineering capabilities is pointer to lack of development in almost Uganda territory.

d. The above explains the number of professional and expert; architects, engineers, cartographers, economists, lawyers working or operating in any Uganda district towns.

e. Once that class is not present in district – development is an illusion.

f. Uganda has virtually no capacity to design major engineering projects; i.e. roads, dams, large scale engineering networks.

g. Lack of visible manufacturing and processing industry is an addition to level of development in Uganda.
Because of the above, Uganda a petty dealers and no major international company will find it easy to invest into such a country!

Bwanika Daniel, Luwero via UAH

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