By Angura Ariko L’Ikilai

Andrew Mwenda should find a better way to convince us to buy into his lies. The twitter policy allows one not to use one email address to open multiple accounts. The twitter policy statement is public and it’s on its website. It’s not something secret, all can cross check with. Secondly that email he’s brandishing is only used by Robert Shaka and it’s not a secret email account. It’s the reason I warned Andrew yesterday of the danger of labelling innocent souls what they are not. Imagine your mother loosing your brother because of some baseless allegations. Ugandan government is hunting for TVO, and don’t make the regime start pointing it’s guns on those innocent souls and harm them because of your malice against Besigye. The champion against character assassinations becomes a master in character assassinations. Andrew M. Mwenda, you are better than this my dear brother.

Yesterday Andrew claimed Lugasire one of his TVOs, was based in Canada, today he claims he’s in Uganda. If he can’t establish the guys’ correct place of abode how then does he start claiming to know of the physical meetings TVO had with the guy who gave him the Kaihura tapes. For the record, the man Mwenda is accusing here is an ordinary soul working with Stanbic bank here in Uganda with a young family. You can’t imagine how his young family will survive if his killed by state operatives. Mwenda needs to trade with caution.

It hurts to loose a person dear to you because someone orchestrasted a smear campaign to dent a person’s image and thereby causing his death. That’s the most painful lose one can ever have. It’s in the same vein we implore Andrew M. Mwenda, to exercise caution when uttering such allegations.It is OK for him to attack TVO, the only problem is, no-one knows with certainty who TVO is, so to malign some innocent souls, to drag their names in this is totally being insensitive.Andrew has some of these guys blocked on his page, so they can’t respond here but have spoken out already on other forums. They categorically deny any involvement with TVO.

The principal on evidence is that, he who alleges should prove. And here, all Andrew M. Mwenda is floating as proof is a mere email address which he claims was used to open multiple TVO accounts, and that’s not possible since it offends twitter policies. So in simple terms his allegations are so grave and yet he’s not giving us any form of evidence.

The hunt for TVO is still on, for now he’s or she’s an enigma that the state has to grapple with. No one knows whom TVO is for certain. Some people have been arrested before, arraigned in court in that regard but later Scot free for lack of evidence. So one here should claim special knowledge over the same, where our intelligence community is failing.

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