This is a state managed execution. Look at the bodies- that’s not how they would lie if they were shot in the car. There is no shattered glass either. The bullet wounds are on their backs, which means they were shot from the driver side of the vehicle, but the window panes there are not broken. They have also fallen almost in similar fashion as if if in an orchestra or suynchonised gymnastics. The people who arranged the “murder scene” did a very amaetuer job. The caps were executed elsewhere and then the cadavers were arranged in the car for the cameras as a warning. It is typical mafia modus operandi.
Have you had a look of the picture they posted, of being the murder scene. I prosecuted very many murder trials- and this one would not even get to trial if the file was passed to me. Just look at the picture:
1. From which direction were the victims shot? If from the driver side, the windows there are all intact, there is no scratch or shattered glass. Which means the assisn would have had to open the door or the windows, shoot the victims, and then close them again, all within a split second. Is this plausible?
2. The doors on the passenger side are wide open. We there opened by first responders, or by the assasins? Did the assasins shoot from the passenger side? This can’t be so, since the victims would have fallen on the opposite side, and would have at least tried to raise their hands up to protect themselves from gun-wielding assailants. They would not lie down and allow themselves to be calmly shot on the back.
3. The victims seem to have comically landed in sync, just like in syncrhonised swimming. Is this plausible.
NRM people torturing Ugandans should seek forgiveness. Actually I have told here a story of an NRA chap who abducted me and took incacerated me in Lubiri torture chambers. He was then working in military intellligence. He was at Makerere at the same time as myself, and I never knew he held a grudge against me. After 4 or 5 years, the man fell out with the NRA and was himself locked up and later sacked. He wrote to me a letter of genuine apology, regretting what he had done to me. Later on he became ill- his wife contacted me, and I helped pay for his medical bills and even his funeral when he died. I am sorry that he died, but this man made genuine efforts to make up with people he had wronged and to atone and ask for forgiveness.
By George Okello, London, via UAH


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  1. Convincing analysis.

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