I support sanitary pad distribution 100%, the only problem is the current corrupt environment

By ‘Dr.Edward Kayondo’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH

There is a need for increased transparency in government ventures. As I wrote in the past on this forum a plan to make all Ugandans auditors of their funds is the only way to deal with corruption.
Pending that let the government have a pilot distribution in one district for a given period. This will highlight any problems and help define the financial costs. Incremental extension to different districts based on different characteristics from the initial district can then be carried out. At the end of this period a decision to extend it country wide or scrap it with lessons learned can be made. This will save the country money it doesn’t have and it will also create a knowledge base for future projects along the same lines.

Incremental release of government funds limits the corruption players, the big boys play the big leagues, this process can immunize projects from bigger losses. Shorter government commitments with a clause to cut short problematic projects or change companies in question coupled with payment after delivered services is a game not played enough by the government. Companies that don’t have equivalent funds that cannot be touched in escrow (not just bank statements from which funds can be withdrawn after getting the deals or tenders) should not be used for some projects. These escrow funds can be used to recover monies lost in corrupt procedures. I am sure this is being used in some form or fashion but again it only works when its transparent enough.

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