George Okello is a lawyer by profession and living in London

By George Okello via UAH forum.
Karl Marx already has a blue print for us, on how we can end the Rwandan occupation of our country through a peoples’ war. His theory of a peoples war was advanced by Chairman Mao Ze Dong in China in the conduct of the national democratic revolution he led there. . So a theory and a blue print exists on how we are going to wage an armed war to liberate our country- we only need to modify it to suit our circumstances and concrete conditions.
I have done a thorough study of war and peoples struggles all around the world and have even lived in guerrilla camps with insurgents in the Philippines, India and Colombia, so I know what I am talking about.
You may therefore underestimate our determination and intellectual preparedness for the task ahead at your own peril.
I am not personally interested in preserving my life into perpetuity just for the sake of it.. I dont fear death. It is not that I want to die, but I am prepared to die, if it means liberating our country from Rwandan occupation. I want to punish Kayibanda Museveni for the crimes he has committed in Uganda. I will never rest until the Rwandan outlaw is brought to the fold of the law and hanged.
Secondly, we have a world to win. I am am ready for this next chapter of my life. Even if I fall, others will pick up the baton. What is the purpose of life, if we have to be slaves in our own country. It is your choice to be a slave and a quisling. But I am a patriot, a proud Ugandan, a committed pan-Africanist, an internationalist, but above all, I am a COMMUNIST. I will never agree to be a slave of a pot-bellied Rwandan tyrant, or a lackey of the Imperialists.
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  1. Omar Mattar,

    It’s easy to say you are ready to die for a cause, but you can’t fight for a cause alone. Ugandans are cowards by nature and that’s why mediocre leaders like Amin, Lutwa and Museveni have held sway over 30 million Ugandans for long periods. Now the fighters are Besigye and Stella all alone! The rest of Ugandans are afraid of even raising their voices lest they are made to disappear. The elite have been bribed and they want to change the constitution to remove the age limit. M7 knows the poor don’t have a voice and the educated are easy to bribe with trinkets and that’s how he continues to survive and rule Uganda like a family business.

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