By Peter Simon Via UAH forum

It is a good idea to have a united Opposition. Unfortunately, President Museveni and his NRM ensured that the Opposition never unites​ and is doing everything in his power to keep it divided or disintegrate further. For instance, President Museveni never consulted Opposition parties when he appointed some of their members to ministerial positions so how can Opposition be strong when they are undermined by luring their members with bribes, appointments and sometimes real threats?
Let us not delude ourselves that Uganda will mature democratically under NRM. President Museveni has lost the golden opportunity to lead Uganda to that promised glory he lied about as outlined in his 10 Pointed​ Lies!
If I may ask but of course aware that you will decline to answer, of those 10 lies, which one has fully been addressed to your satisfaction in these 31 yrs of NRM uninterrupted rule?
No more lies or time to waste and by the way, liberation doesn’t require getting permission from anybody and if Shaka and group see armed struggle as the only viable option left at people’s disposal, so let it be, he will be held accountable if they fail in their promises. My hope is that​ Ugandans be directly involved not using mercenaries as Museveni used Rwandese/refugees to fight citizens.
Under NRM, there will never be a united Opposition because it’s viewed as a threat to it’s longevity.
Long live Uganda!


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