Dr.Besigye’s street activism won’t take him to Statehouse!

Protesting, activism are not synonymous with building strong political parties. They are essential and acceptable and they have a place to fill in any democracy, however in order for this force to be effective in elections it needs a strong leadership base. You can get people to vote for you by getting involved in a shouting match but when you get to the White House you realize that leadership and governing are far much different from shouting matches.

My simple call is for organized political parties that can be used as a base for Ugandans who want to run for political offices. Not parties that are so dependent on particular personalities. I would rather we have a campaigns with candidates fully supported by all members within different parties. More so if this spills into parliament where members vote for ideologies supported by the parties that sent them other than every man for his or her financial gain. That’s is the reason they are easily paid of because they don’t have to answer to anyone.

By the way there is no loser, every one who participates in any political process contributes to the expansion and improvement of the status quo. They are all appreciated more so if their status is well defined.

Dr.Edward Kayondo
UAH member in USA

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