Mr.Rwabwogo will stand for NRM presidency!

Anyone who plans to stand for any political post should stand on what they can do. Its okay to present your vision, and compare it to those who are in the position you aspire, but caution must be taken not to go overboard for an equally repulsive reaction might be had to handle for an amateur.

I believe Mr.Rwabwogo will stand for NRM presidency, he traveled around the whole country during the election period when everyone else was looking at happenings with Besigye and Mbabazzi. He even went as far as Karamoja way far from the constituency he was running for. Most importantly he was not stopped or interrupted by the police or anyone within NRM. He campaigned freely, he is now well known all over the country.

So next step, if all this is true, will fit perfectly. Distance your self from that one name, that might pull you down. Fight with your family, script disagreements, report them in papers and hope that the rest of the country will join your side.

Proven that running out of NRM is a death trap,he cant leave NRM. The progressive NRM youths might not be enough, since they don’t occupy that many NRM leadership seats. In the end, the father in law can make or destroy him. But the fight thing doesn’t add up at all!
So we have father and son against mother, daughter and son in law? No. There is a need of a better script.

Credibility in leadership is a measure, unless someone has had a leadership position it’s unfair to pre-judge them.

Dr. Besigye has his share in the image he presented to the nation, let’s not forget that he is not a typical suits and tie politician, he is an activist so antagonism and images of being arrested and protesting are part of his repertoire.

It is not reasonable to ask a candidate who has never held a position in government that could have influenced issues like roads or poverty why they haven’t done so yet. For any upcoming young politicians the best you can ask for is their vision for the country.

It’s the right of every Ugandan who meets the requirements put forth in the constitution to stand for presidency.

Voters have a right to their opinions and these are always reflected when they vote. Better though is to spend time looking for a candidate to support other than wasting time destroying anyone who comes up. We are a democratic nation.

With the opposition calling for destruction of his legacy, sending him to the international courts, it is only natural for the President to support someone who will be sympathetic to him and many others that have been in power to become the next president.

The grounds for succession or no succession should be hyped at the level of political parties. As we recently saw the President had a struggle to keep his party together when Hon. Mbabazi and several other NRM members took the independent path. More than the support of the President any candidate who hopes to win the next election has to have a strong party backing.

The issue is that 1 year before the elections Dr. Besigye will be tearing FDC apart, Hon. Mao will be sinking DP in court, and Ottunu will barricade himself in the highest floor of Uganda house while the other UPC big gun will be enjoying a cup of tea under a tree in Rwakitura. Independent candidates will be scouting the air waves screaming behind FM stations and the remnants of NRM will victoriously squeak through irrespective of the candidate they choose because NRM will be the only party that will be glued together.

So debating which Presidents son, daughter or in-law would take over at this time is useless. The next leader will need a strong political party backing, Uganda has limitless potential leaders but as long as the opposition parties are clouded in activist’s ideas as propagated by Dr. Besigye you will never build or have a strong opposition party base and yes whoever the President backs under the NRM umbrella will become the next president.

As a caution, when you chase a rat to the end of the corridor and it has nowhere to go, better be prepared to face a leopard when it turns around. It’s also easier to put a child to sleep with gentle touches and lullabies other than angry shouts and slaps. What you don’t have in proven policies can’t be made up with shouts and fists, neither will throwing stones to those sleeping in bungalows buy you a house.

We have democratic means of changing Presidents in Uganda, and those who want to shortcut them should not participate in the political arena. Even then, there will always be room for activists in any democratic nation, we need them and that honor for the last decade has gone to none other than our one and only Dr. Besigye. Great activist, but not so good a presidential option. With all respect.

“Uganda needs a strong opposition to strengthen our democracy.”

Dr. Edward Kayondo,
UAH member living in USA

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