Rurangaranga should have been thrown to the Dogs and eaten piece by piece already. This man has sat in Uganda all this long and he failed to be arrested let alone charged? And for some very unknown reason, I even thought he was dead long ago, this is a man that simply did not deserve to walk free. The man just did not have that right. Honestly who stands for his victims? Rurangaranga murdered people from a home to a home and he has lived this long without any one charging him for murder? Seriously ? Who else is still out there? And talking about the Muslims he butchered, why didn’t the Supreme council go after him, for at minimum he butchered Moslems officially? It is so appalling for we have dropped way lower than I ever expected, I thought all along that he died with the Topachos, I simply do not know how I lost the ball on this one. The brutality Rurangaranga did in Uganda, is the one that built the thesis of the death of UPC as a political party, he is the single man that murdered more Ugandans publicly than any UPC goon out there, he simply does not deserve a grave on Uganda soil. Rurangaranga actually killed more people than Nalongo that was the chairman in Katabi. By the way is that Nalongo still in Uganda too when we are at it? It is very sad that Chris Rurangaranga’s name has even popped on my screen for it brings such terrible memories on Uganda violence, and I simply cannot be alone on this one. Who else is still out there if Rurangaranga has been walking that free in Uganda !!!!!!!!

Jesus Christ.

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