“I would be a PhD holder now if it wasn’t for the sufferings brought by UPC government.” Mp Bakireke Nambooze

“I would be a PhD holder now if it wasn’t for the sufferings brought by UPC government.” Mp Bakireke Nambooze

“I would be a PhD holder now if it wasn’t for the sufferings brought by UPC government.” Mp Bakireke Nambooze
She’s 48 years now. UPC left power in 1985 when she was 16 years old.


I am really sorry if our government sabotaged MP Nambooze’s education! Exactly what did UPC do to young Nambooze? At her age, there were thousands of young Ugandans in primary and secondary schools who later proceeded to various higher institutions of learning with strong academic background attained during the time.

It is not enough to blame a regime for all problems unless there were particular issues affecting the individual or community. Can Nambooze explain how she missed her Ph.D or what has prevented her from pursuing her dreams over this 31 year period (1985-2017) the infamous UPC lost power? I see many Ugandans taking advantage of their backgrounds and the mushrooming institutions and online/distance education to graduate with higher qualifications these days, why hasn’t the legislator follow suit?

I hope it not the case of scapegoating around UPC when there are hidden problems elsewhere, or instance upstairs!

Peter Simon


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  1. Ideology,Research&Documentation Dpt.,

    We have read several times this unfortunate remark from a respected member of the parliament.What must be understood;Cde.Dr.A.M.Obote and UPC have 3 principal enemies;Poverty,Ignorance and Disease&UPC continues to wage that relentless struggle.We got our uhuru when schools/education was a preserve of the sons and daughters of chiefs.Bringing it out clearly Hon.Betty Nambooze should take a walk in her constituency and visit two places.That is Namilyango College;that has the symbol of old buildings which catered for the sons of Chiefs &a set of new building that symbolise a fight against Ignorance as a noble duty&part and parcel of nationalism and nation-building.Then she can as well visit Bishop School Senior Secondary;Mukono;that was part and parcel of nation-building.A chain of such Public National Schools are allover the country!!A few Kilometres from her constituency you come across Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School;one the Public schools mandated with advancement of girl-child education that would promote woman empowerment in the longrun. For Health Kayunga Government Hospital was ear-marked to help much of the old greater Mukono District;before the current balkanisation.The fight against poverty can be traced with kyetume cattle abbertoir that was a pride of the area& made very important by the key rail terminal/station.Then East Buganda Cooperative Society was very much active at Namayumba just after Kyetume;with coffee processing.This extended into much of Kyagwe and Bugerere.Cde.Dr.A.M.Obote and his Upc invested in all that consciously.We appreciate that Kyagwe and Bugerere were a hotbed of rebel activities and activities of Vumbula;Ufm caused suffering.That is unfortunate. So Cde.DR.A.M.O&UPC laid a foundation for your improved well-fare.We usually listen to you on Cbs program hosted by Meddie Nserenko and other penalists mainly from Central Region;who grossly misrepresent Cde.Dr.A.M.O&UPC.The program moderator uptodate have not yet given us an opportunity to debate with you.Try to prevail on him. Once again we thank you for your continued role as a “teacher”&kindly extend our gratitude to the “monitor”,the rest of the panel of Kiliza oba Gana&the chief host;Meddie Nsereko. N.b.Cde.=Comrade.

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