This is why Cancer is rampant in Uganda now!

Only 25% of children with cancer complete treatment


A childhood friend who has been working with government here, passed away instantly after he was found to have cancer, last friday.
He has not been sick and I talked to him just a week ago but instantly fell ill and died shortly afterwards! This the seventh person I have know closely, in six month who has died either of cancer or a stroke.

Data from Mulago shows that;-

a. Cervical Cancers as other cancers are remarkably increasing (VOC air pollution particulates and other causes)

b. More people are dying and paralysed from neurological diseases – stroke (may be chlorine in water?)

c. Kampala temperatures have risen from the average of 18 – 22 degrees Celsius to between 27 – 30 degrees Celsius today, indexically serious implication for Uganda as a climate, vegetation region.

d. Severe wet and dry seasons, as we recover from February , March dry spell/season that has seen food scarcity pushing food prices up, crops planted during April are being destroyed by unpredictable torrential rains similarly causing food scarcity pushing food prices up.

e. Severe coughs flu and burning throats, asthmatic diseases among children – result of sulphur dioxide in Kampala City air


The Blue green Algae in Lake Victoria, first and foremost survive and depend basically on two nutrients; Sulphur and Nitrogen compounds. The question is where do these two compounds come from?

a. There is atmospheric sulphur but not in sufficient amounts which can pollute the lake

b. There is sulphur and nitrogen in food we eat, like beans and maize – the concentration are high to pollute the lake if let us say latrine content are released into the lake.

c. There are very high concentrations of sulphur in gasoline like petrol and diesel. Motor vehicles burning make it even more concentrated and very unstable resulting into complex compounds. In fact, if one is quite observant sulphur and nitrogen concentration in the city are so high to such an extent that if one is new to Kampala, s/he will chock on this sulphur gas.

The only way therefore, to save Lake Victoria is through, eliminating the sources, high level of motorized concentration into the city. The city which is hills and valleys allow gases to hang over Lake Victoria in both dry and wet seasons.

It will be near miracle to rescue Lake Victoria. Every single day that passes the Lake is continuously polluted since government action is very slow. There is need for pragmatism.

Daniel Bwanika via UAH forum

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