What a bunch of heartless fellows these KCCAs are

Ms Madina Namutebi whose child was knocked dead in Kampala mourns after she was released by KCCA yesterday. The two-year-old baby was knocked dead by a KCCA vehicle while the mother was under detention after having been arrested for vending on the streets. PHOTO by STEPHEN WANDERA

The reports over the tragic death of a two-year baby at the hands of KCCA law enforcers were quite telling. (See: KCCA vehicle kills two-year old baby at City hall after mother’s arrest. Daily Monitor, Nov. 19th).

It was reported that while arresting a woman for hawking merchandize in the city, the KCCA law enforcers made her abandon her baby! What cruelty? I would expect that our law enforcers take a human face to their work. These people have been arresting these women for long and by now they should know that some of them have babies they come along with. This means therefore that in the process of arresting them, care should be taken to ensure that the babies are not hurt in any way in the process. That should be the civilized way of doing this kind of work.

It is so unfortunate that KCCA has not managed yet to devise alternative means of stopping street vending several years since it took on this task. Arresting people engaging unlawful conduct is right but the manner in which they are arrested should not in any way dehumanize them, like where a woman is forced to abandon her child to no one and even the arresting officers do not see reason or sense in protecting the child. Arresting the mother should not mean denying the child her right to protection from any danger, an obligation KCCA law enforces must fulfill while on duty. What a shame! Ugandans deserve far better than this from these people, after all, they are paid far far handsomely compared to other Ugandan public workers who even toil far more that them.

By the way, it was said that the baby’s body was carried on top of one of KCCA’s trucks that ferry rubbish! Poor baby, crashed like rubbish and delivered to its ancestors burial grounds on a smelly, filthy truck! What a bunch of heartless fellows these KCCAs are.

So, Ugandans can see what comes out of paying some people too much money for doing so little. They end up being so insensitive to other people’s feelings.

May the poor little kid’s soul rest in eternal peace.

Frank Mutagubya via UAH


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