Sam Kutesa (L) and Yoweri Museveni at a function in the 1990s.

By Haji Moses Ali Sebunya via UAH

‘As a natural principle, people tend to gravitate towards those that are like them, in Uganda it is only the Baganda that violet that principle, we supported Obote, Amin and Museveni, all of them, in my opinion are Uganda’s mistake. The time is now to find a Muganda who could care less about tribal foolishness and lead the country, until that happen no peace will ring in that country. All the tribes tested have shown us that they canot lead beyond their home villages. Remember Saban Opoloto was an Iteso Daudi Ocheng, Tiberio Okenyi and Semei Nyanzi were Acholi not forgeting Mao in a Buganda strong hold party. The point I am trying to make is that those names were so close to the Buganda politics not forgetting the traitor who is an in-law of the Ngeye clan Baganda that i belong to. Buganda is less tribalistic than any tribe in Uganda, and for that reason they are the ones that hold the key to peace in Uganda. If all Ugandans want peace agitate for a muganda to lead that country this time around we will not regret.The Baganda that exhibit their anger do it rightfully so. I was in Uganda during the panda gali time I am victim of that time as innocent as i was. If the Baganda want to be left so be it, because being nice to you all has yielded nothing but use, abuse and pain in Buganda. ‘



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  1. okoth joseph,

    That is very right bwana, am a japadhola but i was born in kayunga,District and my father migrated in there in 1942, and, ever since then, we have never experienced any kind of abuse from the baganda, during the 1996 presidential election I was on the youth Desk representing Mukono District on the side of our beloved Part U P C., when bwana Semwogerere was the flag bearer on the side of the IPFC, we contributed a lot but, unfortunately the very Maganda rejected a muganda candidate, what method are you going to use to convince the Ngandi’s to support their own.On he natural principle as you have expressed, I do believe that,at least to have everlasting peace let us try and give a Muganda a chance. but for us we are ready to test the administration of the Baganda like it happened during Prof, Lule yusufu”s time everything went down in terms commodity prices. We are behind you.

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