By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba via UAH

‘I don’t think that the current crop of Baganda are taking themselves to be a superior tribe. Baganda of today even allow intermarriages which used to be rare in the past. Baganda of today are a little bit more understanding than our forefathers when it comes to issues of integration. Their only main weakness is just being too money minded, but they like integration. Baganda of today are not like Jews who are convinced that they are the Master Race, superior, god souls living amongst inferior beasts, such that Israel does not sanction or allow mixed marriages.Historically, some tribes were inferior to others and this was caused by a lot of factors: from collaboration with colonialists to just the cultural set up. In Saudi Arabia, Muhammad (SAW)’s tribe, the quraish were among the more powerful and superior tribes at the time. This claim gave the Quraish a self-righteous divine supremacy over “inferior” tribes, and that’s who the prophet managed to stay safe for a long time because the other inferior tribes could not just attack him without the blessing of the Quraish.

In Africa, some of the superior tribes enslaved other blacks to sell to the white man and these were some of the fiercest defenders of slavery when whites tried to outlaw the practice in the 19th century.

This issue of Obote and most of Uganda’s long serving leaders coming from inferior backgrounds and how it has had an impact on Uganda politics, was extensively written about by Andrew M. Mwenda before he was ‘saved’. While Andrew was more academic in his article because he did not want to step on some toes, I can categorically be honest with you that if probably Uganda had had a PM at independence from a privileged or superior background, we would probably not be in this mess. For instance, when Ben Kiwanuka was the leader in 1961, the Uganda army was kept intact as a professional army, but when Obote entered into the swing of things, he made a mess by upping the number of Langis and Acholis to be recruited in the army. This was the start of tribalism in the army. Now, Museveni is making the same mistake Obote made.’

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