This picture is a detail of a photograph made at Iganga Primary School, September 1979, by Elly Rwakoma. But who is this photographer, calling for prayer for his country? And who can identify any of the individuals behind him?

By Peter Simon via UAH forum

I think Museveni was justified to go to the bush for his personal gains. He wanted to become a president and as the 1980 campaign trail showed, he had no chance of realizing his ambition through the ballot so the only option left was via fighting. That is what justifies his move, to gain what he wanted but NOT for the reasons he publicly claimed to have motivated them to fight.

That is why he stated that if he lost the elections, he would go to the bush; he saw the lose coming, we saw it coming and celebrated as it drew closer, it sent panic waves to UPM supporters some of whom were and have remained my friends though we constantly disagree with one another; I am a liberal man!


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  1. Hello Peter Simon, I don’t know from where you got this ‘information’, it is unfortunately wrong and misleading. If your intention was to present it as an historic fact, I hope you don’t mind my correction. At no time did Museveni state that he “would go to the bush if he lost the elections”, as you claim.  During his campaign he implored the Democratic Party (DP) to join him, so that they would defeat the UPC candidate, former President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote.  Mr. Museveni claimed that the UNLF’s Military Commission interim government of Uganda which was headed by Mr. Paulo Muwanga had made plans to return Dr. Obote to power. Mr. Museveni cautioned that if the DP did not join him and Dr. Obote is returned to power, he would go to the bush and fight him.  At the time, it seemed obvious for the DP’s victory in the elections because almost all the Baganda had their support for the DP party. Some Baganda were calling Mr. Paulo Muwanga “a traitor”, simply because his support for the UPC, hence Dr. Obote was no secret. I followed the campaigns and the elections closely,as I was stationed at the UNLA General Headquarters at Bulange. Peter Simon, or anyone else who might remember Dr. Obote’s rule between 1967 and 1971 when he was overthrown, would certainly understand why many Ugandans, especially the Baganda did not want the return of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote to the Presidency of Uganda. Dr. Obote had once advised that, “If you want to govern Uganda, you must please the Baganda.” He might have believed that his marriage to a Muganda, Ms. Miria Kalule was his assurance to that! In 1970 the Uganda Argus newspaper had a photograph of the then President of Uganda, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote with a stick, seemingly showing Kabaka Sir Edward Mutesa II the door to ‘get out’. That’s how confident he was, but failed to realize that his past presidency was still fresh in many peoples’ mind when he contested for the presidency in December, 1980. In conclusion, I hope you remember that it was not only Museveni who went to the bush to fight  the UPC government headed by Dr. Obote. BJ. Rubin. 

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