By Hon BETTY Namboze.

In 1996, Dr.Kawanga Ssemogerere who was the First Deputy Prime Minister in Museveni’s Government pulled off a very smart move when he resigned and struck an alliance with Politicians who hail from Northern Uganda. They formed a Political vehicle IPFC that greatly unsettled the regime which henceto had enjoyed unchallenged power.

This move ushered in an astonishing sudden mental and emotional disturbance to the person of Museveni. This was the first adult suffrage election that Museveni ever faced while in Power. Indeed the voting was organised in makeshift shades with black polythene materials and it was greatly rigged through ballot stuffing.

1980 elections

Ugandans came to know about this ballot stuffing when it was made public after the bitter quarrel between Kafumbe Mukama and Francis Babu who had both vied for the Kampala Central Member of Parliament seat. Then one of them let the cat out of the bag and revealed that indeed ballot stuffing was the key business in the makeshift kaveera shade.

After the elections, Museveni was up in task to break the Ssemogerere-Cecilia Ogwal led political alliance. An agitation was instigated in the Northern Uganda to blame their Baganda allies for failure to vote for Ssemogerere 100 percent. In Buganda, another agitation was instigated to blame Ssemogerere for allying with the Obote who “killed Muteesa and that he wanted to come back and ban the Kabakaship”.

These agitations were made to kill the alliance that had joined the Northern part of Uganda and Baganda region.

The fact of the matter was that Cecilia Ogwal wasn’t working for the return of Obote because, from exile Obote had decreed that UPC shouldn’t participate in a Museveni organised election. Cecilia Ogwal and the Northern Uganda politicians had defied Obote. On the other hand, the Baganda especially the youth had voted for Ssemogerere because of their strong DP ties. Museveni under a strategists team that was reportedly led by Bidandi Ssali had rigged elections heavily in Buganda to fit into the narrative that Baganda couldn’t vote Ssemogerere who had allied with the Northerners because they hated them naturally.

Soon after the elections, another agitation cropped up in the now semj-structured opposition, the opposition and majorly the youth were “tired of Ssemogerere and they now wanted a more youthful leader and candidate”. The youth in the opposition declared a war of generations, the old men and women had to retire and give way to the youth. The focus shifted from fighting Museveni to fighting for supremacy in opposition.

In DP Bwengye led a rebellion and appointed his own NEC with the help of the DP secretary general Drametu who was deputised in that faction by Lulume Bayigga. It was around the same time that the Uganda Young Democrats who included Micheal Mabikke among others came up with a Super star and Popular Candidate in the names of Nasser Ssebaggala.

To be continued

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