How MUK can protect its students from Insecurity in Kampala!


Please take the ideas to the university administration and guild. They can at least do something on campus which is a city of its own. Improve lighting, install emergency phone numbers in bright-yellow -colour, sensitize university students about their locations, ensure the emergency phones work by simply puling the button and university and Wandegeya police would know the exact location. First year students should be given proposer orientation that all that glitters in the city is not necessarily good. Especially first year students coming to Kampala for the first time and get caught up in the excitement.

Also urge the university to have safe travel services made of a female and make student with walk talkies and the capacity to alert police in Wandegeya directly. . The university could buy carts for such safe services for students walking within 2 kilometers of campus. For example, students from the library could be escorted to Wandegeya, halls of residence and some of the nearby hostels and even Mulago. That is what safety is about. And universities can and should take it seriously to minimize opportunities for criminal elements to exploit.

Challenge the guild to do something practical beyond mere protests. Such service could be available from 7 pm to 12 pm or when the main library closes. The university should vet and then hire 20 students, 10 female , 10 male. Any student with a criminal record is not eligible for safe travel services, which would be paid duty. Pick up locations could be main hall, halls of residences, library even the main gate. Then students can feel secure.


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