Kampala could become the kidnap capital of Africa!


Mr. Onyango-Obbo said something very interesting in his column , which the IGP should think about. That many of the kidnappings in Uganda especially around Kampala may have been carried out by rival state security agencies to discredit and undermine general Kale Kayihura’s leadership, an old boy of St Leo Kyegobe for his O’levels before joining SMACK. That is certainly credible. There are rogue elements within the multitude of security agencies created by YKM. Factor in the rivalry and Ugandans could be in for real trouble. as Mr Onango-Obbo opined with great trepidation, if the situation is not reversed Kampala could become the kidnap capital of Africa!. Very scary.

Bottom line: the IGP may plead with Ugandans for help but he must be on guard for similar rogue state agents. He may be lucky in that General Tumwine seems to be pre occupied with his Nommo gallery wars than upstaging him. if the blue eyed boys could dare undermine General KK, they certainly can do even more to discredit IGP Okoth Ochola.

While still at it, what is the state of lighting on Kampala streets for example? If there is proper lighting Ugandans should be able to move freely all night from the city centre to Wandegeya and Makerere. So what is the state of lighting on Bombo Rd between city centre and wandegeya? Wandegeya and Makerere Main gate etc.? What is the state of lighting om Makerere campus itself?

Proper lighting would certainly improve security and minimize opportunities for criminal elements to pounce.

Ditto between Wandegeya-Mulago-Kamwokya. With proper lighting why can’t Ugandans walk freely and safely to and from any time?

Also how many emergency phones connected to police have ben installed on university campuses and een identified streets and in working condition all the time. How many are there in Makerere? Do university students know they exist and their locations? One would have assumed the university mapped potential security risks due to perhaps bad lighting, location etc. and installed emergency phones painted in Yellow-sorry that is the colour here.

Furthermore what has the police, politicians , administrators parents, LC, FM radio stations done to sensitize Ugandans about their safety? How many programs on the numerous FM stations talk about safety on a regular basis? But I bet you many have programs preparing Ugandans for ‘feasting and being feasted on”.

How many Ugandans who are eager for free things-yes cheap-continue to get in cars or boda bodas with strangers? What is being done to warn Ugandans to forego such ‘free’ rides for the sake of their safety?

How about schools? Cellphones are the norm even in Uganda. Have schools asked parents to submit the names of individuals who are authorized to pick their children from school including their home numbers? It may still be the case that anyone can show up at any school and say I am here to pick so and so and off they go. Why is that still allowed when kidnappings and sacrifices of children is rampant?

Folks, blame the former IGP if you will but surely he can’t take responsibility for such stupidity in Uganda. A country of , well [fill in].

It goes without saying that safety begins with individuals. But if some Ugandans continue to trust strangers to enter their cars, board their boda boda and even their homes, there is nothing the police can do. As the saying goes “mujinga anawumia (sp). And many Ugandans fit that description at least when it comes to personal safety. Dumb as hell.


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