Land grabbing in the north may be an experiment for elsewhere in Uganda

By Peter Simon via UAH forum

For so long we have allowed misplaced hatred to govern us resulting in discrimination, destruction of property and loss of life. While all these things were happening to some parts of the country, the rest were happy and celebrating.

Now time has come for every Ugandan especially all land owners to face the same fate; if it becomes law that government can take any land for “development projects” and pay later then all will cry, maybe that will mark the beginning of unity. It started from the north and northeast with IDPs but once the project is concluded there, there will be a shift elsewhere, there is no mistake about it. This is a social experiment taking place, there will be no turning back; it is just a matter of time.

All Ugandans should not look at this issue as Amuru land or whatever; it is an experiment bound to spread throughout. I like development and land is one of factors (inputs) considered in localization of industry; any investor must factor the cost of one of the inputs (land) without which it will give false reports of profits/success. Let the investors or government negotiate with the land owners, agree on the compensation and pay for the land or give shares to the land owners, then proceed with the project.

Also, as Ugandans we should evaluate the success of investors where they already operate, how have such investments impacted the communities around where they operate. For instance, Ugandans should tour Busoga region to see for themselves how Madhavi Sugar Factory has improved the lives of people there so that we can expect some positive change for our people in Acholiland or any other place where such projects might be taken.

It doesn’t make sense to say it will improve the lives of Acholi people if same projects have not improved the lives of the people where they already operate. What will bring the difference?

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