Police should’ve kept Nalufenya to deal with Kondoism and criminals


The police chief needs to change strategy. He does not have to speak to the media about his tactics. If I were in his shoes, I would have police officers ride boda boda. I would have women police officers walk the streets at night in pairs and within walking distance of each other to lure those goons. I would flood the city with plain cloth police officers. I would also put up CCTV cameras with the capacity to see activities 20 miles outside of Kampala’s roads. I would flood criminally prone areas with police crushers for deterrence and plain cloth for intelligence gathering and penetration of criminal gangs. I would keep an eye on some bikomera/fenced areas and garages 24/7.

And those CCTV cameras would be manned 24/7 by police officers. I would not also destroy for the sake of it what general Kayihura put in place. For example, I would keep Nalufenya, yes to deal with Kondoism and criminals.

The IGP cannot try to appease criminals. No. Fagiya by any means necessary. He should instruct police officers to try and take criminals alive so instead of shooting to kill, shoot to immobilize be it cars and legs. But if the thugs shot back,, deal with them kabisa. He must give armed police offices bullet proof vests. And Ugandans must see those criminals mowed down by unsuspecting police officers.

The IGP cannot act easy. Kondoism is back so the police must be prepared for the long haul. They need a tough talking, fair and professional IGP not some nice pleasing police chief. The last thing Ugandans needs to se is any hint of sympathy for criminals. Police must pray physiological war on criminals, suspected criminals and their allies. Tell them that police knows what is going on and if they continue they will be dealt with kabisa.

Incidentally, it is the poor who at victimized most by crime. really? yes/ How? They live in criminal prone neighbourhoods or estates.

The Ugandan police ought to do what credible police units to do. Not need to rush to cut off criminals. Let me explain. The police/intelligence may reveal that so and so of place B are involved in crime. They observe without striking. for example, if police has information that X is the leaders of certain criminals activities, police may observes those criminal activities and let X develop the mentality that he is untouchable. This is a proven police tactic. Yes some victims may get injured or sadly hurt. That is the price of successful policing especially with certain criminal acts.

Police in Uganda should adopt the tactics deployed by fishermen. They never rush to go after the first fish to appear at night. They satyr back and wait. Usually their patience gets rewarded with better harvests. In street parlance, police must embrace the “bugu bugu ssi muliro” /maxmium heat is not necessarily the best way.

In plain English, police may see X committing a crime and look the other way . Why? They need to see more of X in action. They need to see his allies and so on. Police would know X’s exact location but nit strike right away. Once it has collected enough information through surveillance and other tactics, it would have a lot more information about X’s activities, his allies. hide outs etc. Then it would strike with a lot of success.

It is terrible police to act prematurely and drive other criminal elements into hiding.

Finally, remember any crime is possible because of opportunity. Ugandans must do a lot more to minimize those opportunities for criminals. In plain English, take precautions as much as possible.

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