By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

A woman breast feeding in a restaurant

I thought this “bad” habit was only practiced by blacks in rural areas. I mean no offence, but this is truly disgusting… so now whites are also into it?

In your bedroom or bathroom it’s ok if you want, or at your own personal table, where no one sees them but not in a lounge with visitors,public place or a restaurant. This is a public place meant for food consumption. It is very disrespectful to other customers.

The truth is I don’t agree, I don’t know what you think, but it makes me sick. I know that many will come out to defend it, and they will say a lot of things in their favor, but they won’t even change my mind about this act.

It’s a bad habit. Breasts are for men and babies to enjoy privately. You can tell this is a common practice in her life, and she acts as if it is nothings, but… I personally do not agree that people should put their dirty flip flops on top of a table that is clearly used by other people, especially in such a public place… This is simply just not right!

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