Have a laugh. I just did

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Have a laugh. I just did.😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

A woman in Lira took her husband’s phone and checked his Facebook activities. She saw romantic chats with women. She sat down and thought of a way to separate her husband from the girls. She came up with a beautiful idea, without even the husband’s knowledge she came up with the following methods.
1. She copied all his chats with one of the girls.
2. She opened a new Facebook account with a male name.
3. She sent a friend request to the husband, he accepted the request.
4. She introduced herself to him. She said”I’m Rasta Jerry by name, a member of AL SHABAB. I saw all your chats with my wife. I want to warn you to stay away from her if you really want to remain alive. To clear any element of doubt, I have all the chats with me and here they are, you can see.
5. So, if you don’t stop chatting with my wife, I’ll slaughter you like a goat.
6. I know you. I know your name is Sande, your father’s name is Fred, your mother’s name is Joy, you have 3 children,Gift, Brenda and Isaac. Alfred is your best friend and Salim is your neighbor. You are a lecturer working at UNN. You also go to work 9.30am with your friend Alfred, you always follow University market road and you spend time together. I’m warning you if you dare call, text or chat with my wife again, I will slaughter you like a Goat as I said earlier.
The wife was close to him while he read the message. As he was reading it, he kept sniffing and repeating Ele Ele Ele ooo Ele oooo. She asked him what happened, he said nothing. He immediately deleted his Facebook and WhatsApp app and every other social media app.
The following morning, he went and sold the phone in the market and bought ordinary Nokia. He told his wife to always wake him when ever it’s time for prayers.
The woman said since that day, her husband has been observing prayers regularly and spending more time with the family.
Isn’t that better than settling the matter with a knife?😀😁😂??😁

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