By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba via UAH forum

Based on a little temporal observation of mine,I think Dr.Kiiza Besigye and Hon. Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine are sucessfully building the bridge between them, and very soon, this will hopefully transcend down to their supporters. The best collaborations are the ones that develop organically from friendships among leaders. Besigye, who recently celebrated his 63rd birthday, there is no doubt, is an estimable politician of good tastes and sturdy values. I actually think he is the best opposition politician in the history of Uganda. It would be foolhardy for anything I or anyone else to print here to run him down.

As things stand now, the so called DP-block seems to be already dead,and I openly predict that there will be those within DP that will start criticising Bobi for working with his mentor, Besigye. While i consider Bobi and Besigye natural allies, I think Bobi will have to adjust the way he works and the people he relates with daily.There’s a strong belief that a lot of selfish politicians are taking advantage of him,thus, the horrible-amateurish anti-Besigye speech he made at the signing of the DP-Block meeting. Unless he cuts off some people like Abed Bwanika, I think he will get a lot of problems and misunderstandings. Real progress of a politician stops when all the initiative goes into keeping people you don’t really need.

I ,therefore, confidently predict that Besigye will not stand for the 2021 elections, if they take place, and we will once again be the innocent victims of Museveni’s rigging. Bobi will participate in the elections,as he has strongly indicated, and he will surely learn something.

Let me make myself very clear.I can see Besigye supporting Bobi’s involvement in elections,and he will again use them to mobilise the population against Museveni,but his name won’t be on a ballot paper. Hell will freeze over first before FDC quietly rallies behind Bobi’s candidature. In exchange, Bobi will be obligated to support all FDC candidates standing in parliamentary elections. He is also expected to join the People government(PG), headed by Besigye, either before or after the 2021 elections(if they take place). Like I said before, in case Museveni loses power before the 2021 elections, the PG is expected to fill the vacuum immediately. If part of a compromise with Bobi could be somewhat an inclusion of Norbert Mao,Muntu, or some of his people, in the transition govt, but leaving Besigye mostly in charge, perhaps this can be acceptable. Otherwise, everything is looking ‘twebeleremu’ style so far!

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