Nothing wrong with marrying an older woman!

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

It is ignorance and selfishness, when you start seeing anything wrong in a much older man marrying a much younger woman, or a much older woman marrying a much younger man. How is a 60-year-old man marrying (or friending) a 20-year-old woman a sin, a taboo or a crime? I mean, is it the man’s fault that he is 60? Is it a woman’s fault that a 60-year-old man holds the key to her heart?

We forget that we will grow old someday, we too will be in the same situation, we will be lonely, we will crave to be loved, we will crave to be pampered and cared for by a capable younger hand, then the society will frown at our cravings for no good reason, the society will deny us of our joy and happiness and they will say “you are too old, you dont deserve beautiful, young, active, caring and loving woman (or man)”. Then we will crawl back into our dark, lonely old man (old woman)’s corner, waiting for society-inflicted loneliness to kill us.

She is just a number. Prophet Muhammad was 25 when he married his first wife of 40 years old. Hajji Moses Kigongo, 67, used to go out with NTV ‘s Faridah Nakazibwe, 39. Zari, 40, had kids with Diamond, 27 yrs old. So, what’s the fuss about?

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