By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Yes, the fact is that the vagina is 10 times
cleaner than the mouth!
1.It has its own self-regulatory system that keeps it in check every now and then.
2.The vagina is full of good bacteria known as lactobacilli that constantly fight infections and keep it in good condition.
3.Even vaginal discharge is not dirty. It is made of water, albumin, cells and mucin (an oily substance that gives it the slippery feel). Hence a discharge is not a toxic substance.
4. Normal vagina also has a slightly pungent smell which is perfectly normal.
5.Menstrual blood is also not unclean and does not contain any germs as may be speculated. It smells a bit metallic, but contact with menstrual blood isn’t harmful at all,but dont pray to God while in periods.
All these make the vagina one of the cleanest points in the body.Therefore do not introduce an uncleaned mouth, after taking alcohol and pork, to the vagina during oral sex.

Here comes the second part of my write up.

Guys often see the Vagina as one of the most dirty parts of a woman’s body, biologically NO, it even have this alkaline nature, thus boosting it’s immune nature.though it’s very sensitive and prone to outside infection from public restroom, dirty fingers and unbrushed tongues like yours. Talking about the TONGUES (oral sex), “….It’s disgusting” in the mind of most guys, hell no.rather the uncleaned mouth should be the avoidable down there against possible transmission of infection.

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