A Bobi or Besigye administration wont command anyone to go to exile


There are many more options other than exile. One thing for sure is that the incoming administration cannot command anyone to go to exile or know that so and so has run away as soon as it takes power, only the most scared like president, and family and those close to him will fear and run before the next administration is sworn in.

The one option I imagine is prison with hard labor. Most of the Amin’s soldiers were jailed in Jinja when their regime collapsed. The same happened to easterners and northerners when Museveni came to power, people were rounded up and taken to concentration camps in Kiburara and Nabisonjo for hard labor, kiboko and dehumanization where some unfortunately died.

So maybe Bobi Wine can just help to identify “good areas” in the country for hard labor. Road works, valley dams, reconstruction of buildings and factories destroyed or neglected.

I don’t want to be in Uganda if people like UAH’s Tony Owana or Robert Atuhairwe have to exchange their luxurious pens and laptops with hard labor tools such as blunt pick axes, hoes and pangas. I would rather wait for those running to exile and assist them abroad.

But for the RDCs, aha, forget them, those are ordinary guys like me who are ready denounce the regime in a record time. I know some of them, they are survivors. You really count on them?

We need to reconcile as country citizens, there is no need to scare aware or misuse talent that would help develop the country as many Ugandans are in the diaspora wasting talent.

However, with Uganda, anything and everything is possible!
Peter Simon

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