Kayira’s ex-wife never had a child with Oyite Ojok!

By Bobby Alcantara via UAH forum

Kayiira’s son shakes hands with Yoweri Museveni

I think the rumour that Dr. Kayiira had denied one of his children, saying he belonged to the late Gen. Oyite Ojok, is exactly what it is- unadulterated hogwash or horse manure. I knew Kayira’s ex-wife and she was a very decent woman. I first met her via a criminal case referral by the Police CID to the DPP’s office where I was assigned to a desk prosecuting terrorists and dangerous criminals. Our unit prosecuted the Amin era criminals and bandits and cut-throats who held hostage large swathes of the country including Luwero and Kampala. I think there were 17 bandits altogether,, including Mrs Kayira, who had been captured, suspected of engaging in terrorist activities, namely killing, robbing and raping innocent civilians. We reviewed the evidence against Mrs Kayira, and decided it was not substantial to warrant a trial. We recommended that she should be released on bail. She was later discharged and set free. Later on I learnt she had become a member of UPC and I met her once or twice as a party activist, not as soldier or armed combatant. As far as I knew her, she was a committed and dedicated member of the party and had very little contact, if any, with the late Oyite Ojok. There was no time for the two to meet or socialise because Oyite Ojok was a soldier commanding a war, whereas Mrs Kayira was a UPC party activist and mother. There was nothing to connect the two.

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