Maama Fina simply had ‘fun’ with a thug!

Peng Peng resides in Europe

By Bobby Alcantara via UAH forum

Both Peng and Mama Fina wanted sex.. Whether or not they enjoyed is a different matter. As far as the two are concerned, no morals were involved as they both wanted sex and they had it. If you are talking about Peng videoing the sexual activity without Fina’s knowledge and releasing it to the world,that obviously is questionable, but you are assuming that Peng is a gentleman who subjects himself to civilised standards of behaviour. Thats a wrong assumption you are making. By all indications, Peng is a thug and Fina should have known this as a witchdoctor with supernatural powers. If you open your laps to any passing Tom, Dick and Harry, be sure a video is also going to open its laps on social media to proclaim it was there as witness. We live in a world where you are the one responsible for your own privacy. By all means open your laps, but do it knowing it may become an open secret or even an enjoyable video for voyeurs,

Thank You.

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