Mrs.Museveni snobbish statements brings tears to our people in Iteso!

By Peter Simon Okurut via UAH forum


The problem with our leaders is their inability to explain what they mean. Surely, for most people who are struggling, such statements are very provoking, careless and annoying. For instance, it is a well known fact that before NRM chased Iteso and northerners from their ancestral homes and land, there was no such thing called unemployment. In Teso for example, many youths who did not go far in education married, cultivated their lands and raised their families as they grew richer and richer with their cows and plenty of food. Don’t ask me where the cows went. The once 2nd largest tribe in the country became the 7th in a short time, how would you explain such a situation? It means such tribes are endangered species threatened with extinction.

So, when angry , hungry, jobless and displaced people hear such half statements, they get offended, and rightly so. Leaders should be clear so that they are not misunderstood or misquoted. If it is hard to explain, the best is to keep quiet. I thought ministers and First Ladies have secretaries, don’t they review speeches?

People who are struggling with mental health and other traumas such as witnessing their beloved ones killed, displacement and many significant loses need help. not condemnation and judgment.

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