Pictures: The late Dictator Apollo Milton Obote’s Houses (RIP), one an apartment building in the posh upscale Kampala suburb of Kololo, while the other is in his village in Lira district. How the Museveni regime whitewashes Obote’s Luweero massacre & dances with the late Obote’s relatives on the graves of his victims. They were renovated/rebuilt by the government of Uganda at taxpayers expense. But despite prominent promises, where is President Idi Amin’s house rebuilt by the same regime?

Obote’s house in Kololo

In 2012 the New Vision newspaper reported that Museveni was shocked to find the Kololo house in dire condition when he visited Obote’s widow Miria Obote. The roof was leaking and the soldiers who had occupied it for a long time had spoiled the sewage, electricity and water piping systems, plus by breaking all the windows and doors. They had also spoiled the walls with filth marks and charcoal writings, and by drilling holes to create rudimentary demarcations to try and provide for the crowded different families of NRA/UPDF soldiers who must have done everything possible to get some much sought privacy for their nocturnal marital activities.
The other Obote house in Lira was summarily bombed by his own ill-disciplined UNLA soldiers in 1985 when they deposed him. The UNLA was the barbaric army of Ugandan exiles that fought Amin alongside the Tanzanian army in 1979. Once in power, the two allied forces then went on a mad rampage for seven bloody years against the people of Uganda resulting in an estimated 500,000 innocent Ugandans killed and over a million were made refugees.
The government of Uganda rebuilt both Obote’s houses between 2012 and 2015 in respect for the butcher of Luweero even with the hundreds of thousands of human skulls and mass graves of his victims available as reminder of his appalling barbaric human rights record of extra-judicial killings,
tribalism, genocide, religious sectarianism and wanton murder of innocent civilians across the country on a daily basis as evidenced in Museveni’s 10 point program which states exactly why they fought Obote starting on February 6th 1980 (Tarehe Sita).
This date was the start of Uganda’s worst bloodbath ever in the nation’s history with Baganda peasants murdered in the most heartless of ways (a hit with the infamous kafuni club with a six inch nail on their victims heads “so as not to waste precious bullets”). A war which started in 1980 in Luweero for five years and only ended 25 years later in Acholi. While the civil war is largely considered as two separate genocides, in reality it was one conflict starting from 1980, but with the tables turned once the Museveni regime was in charge in the capital Kampala from 1986, and the tribal UNLA army now resisting in whatever haphazard and murderous way they could from their home turf in Acholi, Northern Uganda until only Joseph Kony remained as their last fighting force.
While the rebuilding of Obote’s two houses was branded as a gesture of reconciliation, President Idi Amin’s personal residences, one in Arua and another in the Mbuya suburb of Kampala have never benefitted from any similar reconciliation attention.
For the historical record, the Arua property was used by the Tanzanian forces as their West Nile military headquarters for five years (from 1979 until 1984) when they run the country together with the UNLA junta. During their five years ruling Uganda and propping up the puppet regimes, the Tanzanians provided support for the slaughter in Luweero and also the untold genocide in West Nile for which we only discuss the Ombachi massacre
yet the killings went on for years unreported throughout the entire West Nile region. As they were leaving to return to their country following economic collapse and mass poverty in Tanzania, plus rising discontent of Ugandans at their continued presence in the country, the Tanzanian occupation army bombed the Arua property to rubble for no military reason whatsoever and left the country. The compound remains nice and flat to this day.
And despite having only empty lies and malicious propaganda as accusations against Amin without an iota of evidence, not even John Pombe Magufuli has offered compensation for their vicious act on the Arua property. The one in Mbuya suffered from disuse and rot by the different armies, from the UNLA to the NRA and UPDF to date.
But given that I now have a design and contractor to build President Amin’s house, I ask the people of Uganda should the government rebuild President Idi Amin’s houses as it did for dictator Obote as pictured here after their purported reconciliation, or should I fundraise?

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin

By George Okello via UAH forum
Jarunga Hussein,

I never realised you are such an idiot- the extent of your stupidity is astonishing. I will be brief and simple with you this time as there is no point writing anything elaborate.

In 1971, President Obote was overthrown in a military coup organised by the UK government, using the Israeli Mossad and renegade elements of the Ugandan army, led by your father. The British installed your father Idi Amin Daddy as puppet president with instructions to protect its interests and those of the apartheid regime in South Africa and of the Zionists in Africa..

President Obote fled to exile soon thereafter, but he did not take his properties with him. In his modest portfolio was a house in Kololo and two houses in Lira. These houses were sequestrated by your father Idi Amin Daddy immediately after the British installed him in power. They were subsequently used as “safe houses” or to house members of the SRB killer squads and other Sudanese mercenaries your father hired to sustain his brutal regime. Idi Amin Daddy took over the house in Lira and used it as his personal brothel for all the time he was in power. This is the place where he would take prostitutes and where he would frequently rape women.

When the NRA came to power, Kayibanda Museveni also took over these properties and used them for housing his NRA military thugs.

The administrators of the Obote estate made efforts to recover these properties as soon as they were able to do so. They engaged a team of lawyers for this purpose, who served notice of intention to sue on the Government of Uganda. The government was forced to enter into negotiations with the Obote estate and it became clear in the process of the negotiations:

1. The properties had been illegally occupied by the government of Uganda or its agents since 1971.

2. The properties were not in a habitable state but were in fact in significant states of disrepair as they were never maintained by the thugs who used them. Substantial damage had been caused to the interior and exterior of the buildings, requiring major repair and renovation work..

The government of Uganda accepted legal responsibility for the illegal occupation of these properties since 1971, and for all the damage caused to them as a result of the illegal occupation. The government of Uganda agreed as a full and final settlement of the claims of the Obote estate:

1. To end the illegal occupation of the three properties and hand them over to the Obote estate immediately;

2. To promise never to illegally occupy or trespass on the properties again.

3. To abide by the principle of status quo ante, that is to repair and bring the properties back to the state they were in when they were illegally occupied.

4. To compensate the late President Obote’s estate for the loss suffered by non-use of these properties. This would be calculated at a commercial rate, based on the cost of renting similar properties for the entire duration of the illegal occupation. For eg, the Lira property that your father Idi Amin Daddy converted into a personal brothel would be charged a commercial rent between 1971 when he first illegally occupied it, and the date that Kayibanda surrendered it back to its lawful owners.

I can not comment on your own claim that your father should be treated like President Obote. I am not aware that your father Idi Amin Daddy owned any properties in Uganda. What I know is that he looted properties of Ugandan Asians and of thousands of other prominent Ugandans, some of whom have since his overthrow been able to claim back their properties , and others have been compensated.

You are free to fund-raise, but do it knowing that you will never fool me. And I don’t think you will fool a majority of Ugandans with such a hare-brained scheme. Anyone who gets taken in by this obvious scam, aimed at ripping off the gullible, will only have themselves to blame.

Jarunga Hussein, it seems you are broke or have run out of money. May be the pot that your father Idi Amin Daddy left for you is now empty. If this is the case, please take a proper job, just like any hardworking Ugandan. The career path you have chosen, that of whitewashing your father’s blood-soaked record, is clearly not paying you for all the trouble you take, and maybe it is high time you re-assessed your career options and started a real job that puts food on the table. Trying to con people with scams, such as fund-raising, is despicable and will eventually put you in jail.


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  1. Ingram Kampe,

    It is interesting to see two representatives of Uganda’s worst dictators fighting over the loot.

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