The lady Late Kayiira denied having a child with is called Samalie Bamutiire,not his official wife

By Tony Owana via UAH forum,

There was a rumour that Dr. Kayiira had denied this child in the picture below, saying he belonged to the late Gen. Oyite Ojok.This was because of Kayiira’s anger against the boy’s mother who was a senior instructor of the UFM guerillas until she defected to the UPC
government and helped security organs to restore peace by crushing
the UFM.

Your carefully-guarded revelations on this matter are apparently
guided by the need to conceal your part as a member of the UPC
regime’s National Security Agency (NASA) taking cover in the judicial
service. But I earnestly hope I am wrong.

I have never heard anyone describing Madam Samalie Bamutiire as “Mrs
Kayiira” except you, but that is what you wanted her to be when she
deserted her colleagues in the Uganda Freedom Movement (UFM) and
joined the UPC government, later becoming a senior NASA operative. The Mrs. Kayiira the rest of us know is Betty Kayiira, now living in the USA and who was never in the bush war at all. I hope I insult no one but Samalie Bamutiire was Dr. Kayiira’s bush war comforter

One UAH member called Bobby Alcantara said that he reviewed the evidence against the woman he called Mrs Kayiira and decided it was not substantial to warrant a trial. Remarkable! The prosecutor then told court that Samalie and her sister Christine were martial arts instructors in the rebel Uganda Freedom Army commanded by the late Kayiira and that there were very close to the rebel High Command. If this alone did not warrant trial,he must have been a courtroom sloth! However he is no sloth. Because of the deal the UPC government made with Samalie, Christine and their brother Henry Kalema who had been a commander of one of the UFM battalions, the three became very good citizens by joining your ruling party (UPC) and helping them to snuff out what remained of the UFM.

Dr. Kayiira

It is mainly because of Samalie’s desertion that Dr. Kayiira wanted to deny paternity of Samalie’s son, who otherwise very distinctly
resembles Kayiira. The astonishing effort to distance the UNLA Chief
of Staff Maj. Gen. Oyite Ojok (RIP) from Samalie, one of the most
famous UFM commanders, by insisting that Ojok was a soldier and
Samalie a [mere] mother is so far the loudest and most eloquent
testimony that the two were close. It would be very uncharacteristic
of the charismatic Gen. Ojok not to get as close as possible to the
woman who was close to the bush warrior giving him a headache and
which woman had now joined the struggle against Ojok’s sworn enemy.

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