Murder is getting out of control in Uganda

By Daniel Bwanika via UAH forum

Every person who has killed another person where there is proof, including diehard NRM supporters and tribal men and women (you know cases in court or that have been thrown out) should face death
by firing squad where they committed the crime.That will assure the country of another 13–20 years of peace depending on other issues that are making people so terribly worried being resolved .

Modern criminal law, can’t solve what we are experiencing in Uganda.In fact the raising prisoner population is another future concern. And if we insist, I can assure what we have seen so far where he justice system is part of these sort things will overwhelm every body. That is one.

Uganda police petitioned over rampant kidnaps and murder of women

Second, although some of these crimes appear to be random as the one
in Mutukula Lyantonde over the weekend where a police and UPDF officer were involved, crime is taking on a dangerous momentum – people are thinking of big money. In this case a rich man hired the police and updf officer , see?!

Where there is big money, the entire criminal and justice system is
dead.This is our country no one should be ashamed of firing squad for killers of women and children.

I have lived long enough on this earth to understand the nature of
certain things. Crime develops like cancer and if you do not act
faster, we are moving to Italy. The police are also human beings.

Third – Uganda is in a phase where people earn little but needs are
exploding beyond their means (car, mansions, smart phone, grocery
store, startime , flat screens).

The economy can’t move faster- unless the state instill a sense of
purpose among the citizen – many of us are dead. Those young people
you represent are coming for us to get the money, the car, the flat
screen, you name.From Friday 28 June to Saturday 29 June (24 hours) more than 15 people just in a radius of 150 kilometers have been murdered!What else can the police and Ochola do? For the past one year all murderers have been caught but the situation is not getting better!

Two weeks ago, a person a women killed 7 family members.–Mbarara-murder-of-seven-family-members/688334-5150502-5qiy5gz/index.html

Had Idi Amin not shocked Ugandans with executions – the seventies
would have been hell.There are three levels that should be considered now

1. National Security is at stake – The Army must come in to rescue the situation. That implies they go in and open a war against state
aggressors. That means implies do whatever is possible to terminating
these kinds before they do more damage.

2. Local Security is at stake- The police can no longer help the
situation since they are infiltrated by criminals operating with
military skills. The police can’t operate outside the its mandate of
provide law and order in local national frame work. We are left with
option one

3. Local defense security is at stake – the local defense working with the community have no ability whatsoever to fight people with military weapons that has failed in point two.

To note; if the state fails to apply military order by publicly
executing armed criminals, what has been going on from the past two
years has boomeranged into full scale national war that is far worse
than all wars we have had in this country.

This people kill anybody; children, old, women

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