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Day July 10, 2019


By Joseph Kabuleta

(Joseph Kabuleta’s Weekly Rant RETURNS)

Kato is the most daring person I had the misfortune of knowing several years ago; a sneaky and adventurous lad who lived on the edge. He was also a good storyteller and that’s what kept me around him even if I detested several things about his lifestyle. But what shocked me is how many audacious things he got away with.
His day job was at a big workshop somewhere in the outskirts of the city but that didn’t last long. Every evening after his shift, Kato would gather up useless sawdust, put it in old sacks, and push it out on a wheelbarrow. Naturally, the guard at the gate was suspicious.
“What’s that you are taking out?”
“It’s only sawdust.”
The guard wasn’t convinced. He pulled the sacks off the wheelbarrow, pressed hard on them to make sure there was nothing hidden within, before reluctantly allowing him to proceed.
And so it was every evening. Kato left work with a wheelbarrow of useless sawdust.
After some weeks, the guard called him aside and said: “I have a feeling that you are stealing something from this company, but I just cannot put a finger on it. If you tell me, I promise not to apprehend you.”
I don’t think Kato believed the guard, but still he told him.
“Wheelbarrows! It’s wheelbarrows I am stealing.”
Of course the guard snitched on him and Kato was fired.
Ok, I don’t know any Kato who worked in a workshop, but I told that story to show how the biggest mysteries are often hidden in plain sight.

It started with sporadic appearances at events, a few dreary speeches, and plenty of social media activity but now it’s clear to every discerning eye that The First Son (official title) is crawling out of his hole like a squirrel.
Even his bevy of paid promoters are becoming bolder in their proclamations; calling him “our next president” in their tweets. Knowing who these people are, and how close they are to the junta, that is more than idle talk.

Clearly, whatever has been cooking under the scenes is about to be unleashed. And it has been several years in the making, starting in the mid-90s with a recruitment of young, graduate soldiers who were in effect Muhoozi’s boys. As that crop grew through the ranks, although not as meteorically as the man they were enrolled to serve, the recruitment net was cast wider.
About twelve years ago, a close colleague raised the subject in a cavalier but serious way, if you know what I mean. He knows me to be a bit of a firebrand, a mover, so to speak, and thought those qualities were being wasted in sports. I could be an asset in their push for the presidency of “our age mate”.
I was at crossroads in my life at the time but I could not involve myself in any venture for which I had no conviction. I would have to lock my conscience in a maximum security prison to be part of an operation that turns our country into a monarchy. Even then, I suspect my conscience would stage a prison break to rival Michael Scofield and find its way back into my heart.
The gentleman who was inviting me is now a cabinet minister and was one of the organizers of the recent 45th birthday party thrown for the First Son at Munyonyo. It was more than just a hyped revelry that made the front pages of the New Vision. It bore the markings of an initiation, or a rite of passage. It was a coming of age, so to speak. It’s no wonder that the main protagonist noted how it was his first public birthday celebration in 33 years. The last time was in 1986 (!!!)

Uganda has often been referred to as a Mafia State by many of its disillusioned citizens so permit me to juxtapose the affairs of this state with the Godfather trilogy of movies taken from Mario Puzo’s fabled novel that bears the same title.
The head of the family Vito Corleone is frail and goes into semi-retirement. His son Michael, who was once determined to live a normal life away from his family’s criminal empire, is the new boss even if his ageing father lurks in the background. The Capos of the family and the Consiglieri, the executioner in chief, doubt if the young and reticent Michael can take after his father.
But how wrong they are. Michael earns his stripes by arranging for the simultaneous execution of the heads of the five rival families, followed by an internal cleansing in which all family traitors are also killed. Almost overnight, the once demure army veteran and family man became even more ruthless than his father.
In one of the most iconic scenes from the movie, all the Capos come and kiss Michael’s hand, acknowledging him as the new Don. Muhoozi’s birthday party had a similar feel; an opportunity for his “age-mates” who have served the old man to pledge their allegiance to him.

In the eyes of the Uganda mafia family, the support structure to uphold the new Don is already in place.
The regular army has been systematically disengaged and replaced with Muhoozi’s SFC. Many of the old guard have found solace in business, farming and NAADS. The rest are quietly disillusioned. It was General David Sejjusa who first stood up to resist what he called “The Muhoozi Project” and he got his comeuppance in the form of a stint in exile followed by total oblivion. It was said that even the Late General Aronda Nyakairima was opposed to it and that’s why he was sent out to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but what do I know?
The project also needs a ‘friendly’ police and the appointment of Major General Sabiiti Muzeyi as Deputy Inspector General of Police was the first step in that direction. It has since been followed by other appointments of army officers into police in what Army Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire described as “cross pollination between sister security agencies”.
It would be cross pollination if police officers were also being appointed in the army, but they aren’t. So it is in actuality a military invasion of police and it is all a part of preparing for the new Don.
The net has also been cast in the media. Cedric Babu, a close friend of Muhoozi’s, now heads Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) and by kowtowing to the new Don, Robert Kabushenga has ensured that there will be no need to appoint a younger person to head the New Vision empire.

Then there is the war chest. The billions that have been set part for the purpose. NRM MPs approved the $379m for the fake Lubowa Hospital investor because they were told it’s the money they will be given for campaigns, and that’s not about all. More money will be minted and printed for that purpose, because the Godfather, having gathered illicit wealth for 35 years, will be looking to keep it within the family. After all, they say there is no success without a successor.

Key sectors in government and finance are being held by old and near-senile people with no ambition while in the interim Muhoozi kids are entrenching themselves below. It is a discreet but systematic takeover.
SFC is in charge of natural resources and national parks while the First Family have their fingers in every major cash-generating venture. It’s not just greed. It’s control. It’s as much about getting the money as it is about keeping it from rivals. So that by 2021, only one camp is liquid. Those who bow and kiss the hand of the new Don are rewarded with the means to live. The rest merely survive or worse.

But the biggest hindrance to the Muhoozi project is the man himself.
Unfortunately for Museveni, qualities like political sagaciousness and charisma are not necessarily transmitted through genes. Muhoozi has no allure beyond the privilege of being his father’s son. He has no personality, no aura, no charm. He carries the tormented look of someone struggling to match people’s expectations of him. Even at the aforementioned birthday party, he looked stoic and disinterested, like he would rather be somewhere else. Somewhere he doesn’t have to be the centre of attention and doesn’t have to give a speech.
Then there was his much-hyped interview on UBC with veteran journalist Tony Owana. As much as I tried to keep an open mind, I couldn’t last the duration of the discourse. For a moment I was tempted to blame the interviewer, who was overly excited and animated like an intern meeting his childhood idol. But I spared a thought for him because I suppose Muhoozi is not an easy person to interview. The dialogue never got out of first gear. Dressed in full combat with his beret hanging under the ranks on his shoulder, he spoke about key moments in his life as if they had been lived for him, and gave one-line answers to open-ended questions like: “Tell us about Sandhurst?” He sounded more like a suspect being interrogated by police, trying not to give anything away, than like a potential politician, much less a president. He has lived too long in his father’s shadow and his only exposure is to the wealth and privilege that surrounds him. He cannot relate with the poverty that his father has inflicted on Ugandans. I would be hard-pressed to mention anyone more ill-suited to be a leader.

The big question for Ugandans is: How and when are they planning to make this transition?
The First Son is already being sent on foreign missions on behalf of his father and is meeting ambassadors and dignitaries, and tweeting about it.
Maybe the Godfather is planning to go into semi-retirement after rigging the 2021 elections and take on an advisory role as his son runs the Family Business called Uganda Limited.
Or maybe, just maybe, the transition happens within NRM and the country adopts a Parliamentary System in which the party with the most elected legislators takes the presidency.
Whatever their plans, I know for sure that the reality will be different. The Mafia empire is crumbling and Uganda will return to Ugandans.


Police is now the centre of Criminality!

Gang leader,Sobi, says he asked MUSEVEN to arrest KITATA and KAYIHURA because Ugandans want Peace country

By Daniel Bwanika via UAH forum
Chickens are Coming home to Roast!If I remember well Kondoism was master minded and supported by the helplessness Obote had imposed on society.People were simply hopelessly in total despair.Uganda has a high level of unemployment which offers a huge reserve of recruits into crime.

Sobi says he was also behind DPC Kirumira’s Arrest

Secondary, over the years the police has been known to be a recruitment reserve for criminals. Put it plainly the entire policing(NRM) ideology of using criminal elements to do police work was from the beginning a wrong strategy.

Thirdly militiarising society has been going on since the beginning of the 80s. I have not looked at data of criminal elements. However,
there appears to be a huge number of people that were either recruited into the army or well trained but not in the army. Remarkably of recent, a number of people coming from the North and
East (security guards) are increasingly getting involved into hard
core criminality.

That brings the fourth element of introduction of security firms as a
very wrong business. In the coming years more of these lowly paid
people will increasingly be involved into serious crime.Areas where criminality has excelled are:

1.Land that has proved to be a lucrative area of earning huge amounts of money. (NRM land monetalisation ideology and unforeseen consequences)
2.The above has introduced land grabbing players into the extortion business that is also defined in Uganda as Okubatisa (duplicitous representation) underlying bufeere run by bafeere (fraudsters) supported also by the people in law enforcement.
3.Motor cycle trade, licensing and ownership is almost informal generating the second largest crime area ever after land wrangles! Every week on average 5 people are murdered in this business around the country! NRM has been using these boda in political mob actions to date.
4.Motor vehicle trade by Ugandans that has solely depended on stealing (UK, South Africa) has somewhat scaled down. This was run by people with attachment to the state to beat URA, Migration and Customs! Surprisingly very few people (connected) involved in this business are behind bars. But spare part trade holds a third area in the crime league where people scavenge and sell.
5.Mobile money in the law enforcement circles takes the first place since it is highly reported. Anyhow through okubatisa and bufeere mobile money transactions has recruited both street (petty thieves) and white collar (coder, computer programmers) criminals.
6.Then there are petty criminals – goats, pig, matooke, chicken thieves, cows. This is becoming a major headache in villages around the country. Given the level of want and need correlated with rapid social transformation this makes yet a very big group that is a step ahead of the police and LCI – village people do not easily reveal such crime due to cultural and family ties as the case is with part 4 and
7.Why Pentecost Church leaders are not labeled as criminals beats me. But each one of them that gets money by falsely claiming super natural powers are criminal by all definition
8.The above group is hand in grove with state civil servants who are involved in stealing hence generating horrible criminality. You simply have to work with them or lose your life.

Despite law enforcement organs squarely involved into crime their case could be resolved through military order. Uganda has had such episodes of criminality.

However, NRM is not going to eradicate people’s needs and want by use
of any of the above.There’s need for local police besides to allow DP, UPC, FDC to mobilise their youth wings into direct political participation to divert the youth from being idle.NRM should stop running the country out of stated national policies.

Museveni started politics at Ntale with his friend Kategaya, Mwesigye
and others. He was in DP, then UPC – if you close off young people
from organised politics you’re inadvertently undermining yourself,
state stability and development.Ideas do not come out of the air.

Wealthy Creation (randomised acts) is not an ideology (An orientation
that characterizes the thinking of a group [Communists, Liberals,
Socilist, Federalist] or nation) and has practically nothing to do
with being part of the political process formation.Museveni first tested OWC with NAADS , then youth in Kampala and so forth.

Late Mugisha’s dad is arrogant too!

Aine Arnold Mugisha

By Allan Barigye via UAH forum
My nephew,Aine Arnold Mugisha, has been shot dead by a security guard at Quality Supermarket, Naalya, after he reportedly hit another car and refused to stop. I last saw this young man as a student at King’s College, Budo, when I went to check on my daughter-He was a calm boy.His father ,an engineer, is an extremely arrogant UPC man. He worked in ministry of works. When NRM took over,almost all civil servants had to undertake an ‘Owaimaanism’ at the political school. He refused and even abused them. He then unceremoniously resigned- as he expected to be fired.I will not be surprised if he too followed the “like father like son adage”

This underlies what is brewing beneath.The poor askari was doing his job, toiling for peanuts barely enough. That lad grew in emense wealth. The source of his wealth does not matter at this point. He is a westerner. The sentiments against westerner are very scary and very justifiably so.

Like I said ,when shit hits the fan, 3rd Axis commander will be speaking lingala from Rutshuru in Congo. His name will probably be Mokassa ya Mbongo!Who kulogad Uganda really? The inevitable end of Musevenism is coming with HELL!We better be prepared.
Born to Mr and Ms Plan Mugisha in 1993, and after studying Economics, History, Geography and Christian Religious Education, Mugisha Ayinebyona then went to Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management between 2012 and 2015, and would enrol for Master of Science (Real Estate Finance) from 2015 to 2016.

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