Police is now the centre of Criminality!

Gang leader,Sobi, says he asked MUSEVEN to arrest KITATA and KAYIHURA because Ugandans want Peace country

By Daniel Bwanika via UAH forum
Chickens are Coming home to Roast!If I remember well Kondoism was master minded and supported by the helplessness Obote had imposed on society.People were simply hopelessly in total despair.Uganda has a high level of unemployment which offers a huge reserve of recruits into crime.

Sobi says he was also behind DPC Kirumira’s Arrest

Secondary, over the years the police has been known to be a recruitment reserve for criminals. Put it plainly the entire policing(NRM) ideology of using criminal elements to do police work was from the beginning a wrong strategy.

Thirdly militiarising society has been going on since the beginning of the 80s. I have not looked at data of criminal elements. However,
there appears to be a huge number of people that were either recruited into the army or well trained but not in the army. Remarkably of recent, a number of people coming from the North and
East (security guards) are increasingly getting involved into hard
core criminality.

That brings the fourth element of introduction of security firms as a
very wrong business. In the coming years more of these lowly paid
people will increasingly be involved into serious crime.Areas where criminality has excelled are:

1.Land that has proved to be a lucrative area of earning huge amounts of money. (NRM land monetalisation ideology and unforeseen consequences)
2.The above has introduced land grabbing players into the extortion business that is also defined in Uganda as Okubatisa (duplicitous representation) underlying bufeere run by bafeere (fraudsters) supported also by the people in law enforcement.
3.Motor cycle trade, licensing and ownership is almost informal generating the second largest crime area ever after land wrangles! Every week on average 5 people are murdered in this business around the country! NRM has been using these boda in political mob actions to date.
4.Motor vehicle trade by Ugandans that has solely depended on stealing (UK, South Africa) has somewhat scaled down. This was run by people with attachment to the state to beat URA, Migration and Customs! Surprisingly very few people (connected) involved in this business are behind bars. But spare part trade holds a third area in the crime league where people scavenge and sell.
5.Mobile money in the law enforcement circles takes the first place since it is highly reported. Anyhow through okubatisa and bufeere mobile money transactions has recruited both street (petty thieves) and white collar (coder, computer programmers) criminals.
6.Then there are petty criminals – goats, pig, matooke, chicken thieves, cows. This is becoming a major headache in villages around the country. Given the level of want and need correlated with rapid social transformation this makes yet a very big group that is a step ahead of the police and LCI – village people do not easily reveal such crime due to cultural and family ties as the case is with part 4 and
7.Why Pentecost Church leaders are not labeled as criminals beats me. But each one of them that gets money by falsely claiming super natural powers are criminal by all definition
8.The above group is hand in grove with state civil servants who are involved in stealing hence generating horrible criminality. You simply have to work with them or lose your life.

Despite law enforcement organs squarely involved into crime their case could be resolved through military order. Uganda has had such episodes of criminality.

However, NRM is not going to eradicate people’s needs and want by use
of any of the above.There’s need for local police besides to allow DP, UPC, FDC to mobilise their youth wings into direct political participation to divert the youth from being idle.NRM should stop running the country out of stated national policies.

Museveni started politics at Ntale with his friend Kategaya, Mwesigye
and others. He was in DP, then UPC – if you close off young people
from organised politics you’re inadvertently undermining yourself,
state stability and development.Ideas do not come out of the air.

Wealthy Creation (randomised acts) is not an ideology (An orientation
that characterizes the thinking of a group [Communists, Liberals,
Socilist, Federalist] or nation) and has practically nothing to do
with being part of the political process formation.Museveni first tested OWC with NAADS , then youth in Kampala and so forth.

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