Foreigners can be helpful in removing a dictatorship!

By George Okello via UAH forum

che guevarra

There are so many foreigners participating in just struggles not in their own countries,and I think history is replete with many examples.It was Field Marshall John Okello, from Dokolo, who liberated Zanzibar from Arab occupation or colonial slavery. general Lagu was a leader of the Anyanya movement in South Sudan, I believe he is still alive. I met him once in London. Sajab (Sajjabbi) a Pakistan, too helped Uganda Federal Movement to improve on their technical military capabilities

Think about the Spanish Civil War for eg where hundreds of European internationalists, and even Africans, took up arms to fight against the fascists. The more recent example is that of Che Guevarra, an Argentinian, who, together with Fidel Castro, became the leader of the Cuban revolution.

We must however distinguish between internationalists and mercenaries and their involvement in foreign conflicts. Internationalists, especially Marxists and socialists, have always fought in support of foreign national liberation forces because all socialists believe in international solidarity. They however do not substitute their own contribution to the overall effort of the people because the responsibility to overthrow an oppressive political and social order rests in the hands of its victims and not foreigners. Mercenaries on the other hand do not believe in any cause- they are just in it for material benefit- they are guns for hire. A national liberation movement will therefore have nothing to do with mercenaries.

Uganda has a bad history of merceneries actively participating in our political conflicts. We first saw this in 1971 when Iddi Amin recruited the remnants of the Anyanya forces from South Sudan to effect a military coup in Uganda and he later on relied heavily on these Anyanya forces to keep himself in power for 9 years. Later on, merceneries grouped inside the NRA and led by Yopweri Museveni invaded the villages of Luwero in Uganda, emabrking on a brtutakl campaign of murder and terror. They eventually managed to subdue the national army of Uganda, conquered the country and then militarily occuppied it. Most of the NRA mereceneries were recruited from Rwanda and in their mudreroius activities and continuing blood-letting they have been supported by a few quislings and hired thugs from Buganda and other tribes.

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