Why the Acholi saying “Idoko bwoc calo Kakungulu”

Semei Kakungulu is thought to have been used by the British to help impose colonial rule in east and north eastern Uganda

By Peter Gwokto La’Kitgum in Canada via the UAH forum

Did the Baganda know that Kakungulu was an Hitler in the making and a mega threat to the Kabaka? Had Kakungulu succeeded in forcefully having the Acholi accept him as leader in the footsteps of Basoga, Adhola, Bagisu, Iteso, and Langi, the Kabaka would have been completely surrounded by enemies including the Banyoro.

In case you didnt know, it was the Acholi that put the “full stop” at the end of this sentence to Kakungulu’s big dreams. How the saying came to was again recited to me by an Acholi elder last evening when I called the village who asked whjy this time I had taken too long to visit the natives. He said sarcastically that if I took too long I will be castrated like Kakungulu.

Yes, again in case you didnt know, it was the Acholi who gave Kakungulu his biggest nightmare of manning him physically by the balls and rendering the pair of manhood obsolete and out of action until he died and never to ever retrace his eastern and north-eastern conquest.

Remember the picture below of the Congo queen, Nzinga, who met Euro colonialist sitting on the back of one of hes Kanyamas for hours?

Kakungulu had done the same in Busoga, Bukedi, Bugisu, Teso and Lango. When the time came to do the same in Acholi, the strongest muscular renown hunter was selected to be his seat. No sooner had Kakungulu sat on his back than the man flipped up to grab, squeeze and squish Kakungulu’s balls – yikessss….! I can feel the man’s pain and the high-pitched screams for help.

Kakungulu conquest ended as he limped back to his final rest in his native Buganda.

Thus the saying, “I doko bwoc calo Kakungulu” (You have become a eunuch like Kakungulu).

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