Abdullah Kitatta (holding microphones) addressing Boda Boda cyclists during an NRM rally.

By Edward Mulindwa via the UAH forum,

Some of You are blaming the National Resistance Movement(NRM)- an organisation that has absolutely nothing to do with Uganda’s failure, NRA/NRM simply found a failed state and it helped to keep it together, until when the organization stops to lead Uganda, and then we will go right back into the Lule/UNLA/UNLF days, which will run for a few days and then Uganda will stop being a state. Mark those words.

And do you know why? Because from get go the people that took power from the British, mainly Langi and Acholi plus a few Baganda in Mengo, built an education system that has one single failure, educate Ugandans to become job seekers than job makers.

Every crap that got educated right from 1962 onwards, continued with the education the British forced in Uganda, to educate a few so that they can work for the British colonial masters than Uganda the state. Every Ugandan that become a police officer must be separated from the people and thrown into a barracks for he arrests the criminal Ugandans and bring them to the colonial masters. In United Kingdom, the population is educated to work for themselves, Police officers live in homes within the community they police.

The 1962 independence only replaced the colonial masters with the sitting government, Uganda still educates its population to work for the government than for themselves and the country, and police officers to today in 2019, 57 years down the independence alley way, Uganda police officers are still living segregated, from the population for they are an oppressive arm of the government, against the population. If it was not for Iddi Amin, may the president rest in peace, women would never have served into Uganda Police, for the UPC cabal, incorporated the British nonsense that all police officers must be men of this height and width.

As the colonial education system was created to protect the colonial masters, today’s Uganda education system continues to protect the sitting government. Look closely at the people that hate Iddi Amin the most, for he tried to reverse the colonial master system in Uganda, they are degree holders like Gook, Edward Pojim, Abbey Semuwemba, Allan Barigye and every crap that owns a degree today. Illiterate Ugandans never walked to Tanzania to train how to murder Ugandans, 99% were a product of that education system.

Who are/were the members of Boda Boda 2010, M23, Kihura Kifesi gangs, Kitata group, Sobi group, Nakivubo group? They are not foreigners in Uganda but Ugandans born in Uganda and ran through that very same education system. They are all degree holders. And even those that have managed to leave Uganda and live abroad, many are actually struggling in diaspora for they try to work for the government and the system throws them out, that is why you see them coming back again in Uganda as Bob Mushikori did, as Grace Galabuzi today so called professor returns to Uganda. Can you tell me what were their jobs in Canada !!!!!!

99% of Ugandans living on welfare in western countries are actually degree holders, they came here with Makerere, Buddo or what have you degrees, continued to be educated into the universities here to get more degrees, then failed to get employed for they could not be employed by governments here, then either return to Uganda way back as Harold Achema did or as late as Galabuzi has just done. By the way they all leave their families here for the kids get a different education system. The ones that remain out here are moving from city to city, from municipality to municipality feeding on various welfare checks. Every single name I have mentioned here that has decided to return to Uganda has actually worked or tried to work for the government here, either in Federal Municipal or provincial and ran back to Uganda after failing to do the firkin job, that list actually includes “Professor” Abdul Kasozi as well.

And all I am pulling in here is that those Ugandans never failed here due to the NRM regime, they failed in diaspora due to the kind of education the UPC government incorporated in Uganda, which we are still feeding on to today. That education system is going to remain intact when NRM expires.

But that system has created two major problems for Uganda.

i} It has created a whole bunch of idiots that you will have a problem to reason with, few days ago UAH’s George Okello stood in a public forum and stated that president Trump rejected the Iranian deal for he hated president Obama. He was repeating a statement of a stupid diplomat that failed to clip his mouth thus lost the job, but there are so many factors out there why the Iranian deal was thrown out, than Obama. Iran is a bad country and they have proved themselves today by taking several ships. I decided to post a piece with reasons why the Iranian deal is bad. George Okello’ never responded, he dropped the noise out and kept quiet. How much did he know about the deal to start with? Or he read the ambassador’s statement and started wanking himself in a public forum? -> Just asking !!!!

Doesn’t it bother you that all Uganda degree holders support the Democrats? Yup when you post anything to state the facts about the Trump administration, Abbey Semuwemba walks in naked to nip it off his forum for that is anti-Democrats. So in his brain Abbey actually believes that all Americans are entitled to free Medicare, free education, not pay any taxes, all immigration agents are members of Nazis group, every American must get a free 1,000 dollars a month from the government. And how shall we get all that paid? By taxing the rich. Really !!!!!

How long will you run that scheme to collapse? No that does not bother Abbey Semuwemba for his educational basics, do not prepare him to think thus far. So let us shut EM up for when he shuts up in the forum, Trump will fail to be re-elected.

Think back, just how many Ugandans do you know that are Republicans? Doesn’t that bother you a little !!!!! ->?

ii} That education system has not only created job seekers but it has created some of the very worst elements, we have some very terrible murderers of the Uganda origin in these countries that make your head spin, we have rapists that I have never seen before, now we have doctors in South Africa stealing firkin body parts, we have a Mukiga kid that split a head of a girl in the States with a firkin Axe. These are not things forced on Ugandans by NRM, these are Ugandans with screwed up heads for the education they got from get go failed them. They were born and brought up without Ubuntu.

I have stated all along that Acholi Lango region has the most fertile land on the entire African continent, they have a river of fresh water running through it, and they have produced the most degrees than any region in Africa. But in 2019 Langi and Acholi remain the most primitive people, they die of hunger than any other region, and to today, Langi and Acholi still shit on the jungle. That is not a crisis created by NRM it is an Acholi Langi sheer stupidity.

In the long run that stupidity is going to catch up with the entire population, you see when coffee plantation was brought to Uganda, Ugandans never grew it to earn foreign exchange, they grew it to buy Gomesi for their wives, and pay Omusolo omugereke, The UPC government used that plantation to earn foreign exchange, but it refused to grow it to a commercial basis. They sold it to the world market at high prices and used the money to pay for the education of the idiots we are suffering under today. Baganda destroyed the plantation and the degree holders lost the dollars thus today there is not a single Edward Pojim twerp getting free education out of Uganda.

When we advised them that free education is a trap that cannot survive, they killed us for we were wrong then. Today there is no coffee out of Bugisu growers and Gook’s relatives have no free education.

Look closely at the Matoke plant today, there are those of us cringing to understand why it has become a major export out of Uganda. Matoke is grown for home consumption than commercial feed. So why am I able to pick and choose in Toronto, a store where to buy it from? I can buy a box with biwagu or a box with straight minwe. As Baganda were growing coffee for Gomesi and Musolo, they are growing Matooke for Gomesi and Musolo. With time they are going to change from Matooke to growing Millet and making malwa out of it to get Gomesi and Musolo. That is going to make Matoke market out here collapse but it is going to create hunger in Uganda.

In all degrees we have in that shit-hole, including Sabassajja sitting in Mengo, there is not a single brain that has bothered about the exportation of Matoke that are not commercially produced. There is another problem, when you peel Uganda Matoke you have started to see black marks on them. Now today I can cut that piece out and throw it away, but I as well understand that this is not a black mark on Uganda Matooke only, it is a disease starting to eat the Uganda plant. As all degree holders are eating it, as the entire Mengo is laughing its head off for money is coming in, there is a disease eating the plant and with only times it is going to disappear, for no one is investigating it let alone stopping the disease. We are going to village after village and cutting it to trucks into Entebbe airport, to Ethiopian Air Lines into Toronto. It flies into here twice a week thus I demand to eat fresh ones only. I reject the premise that Uganda’s problem is NRM criminality it is the stupidity of Ugandans that is immortal.

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